The Long Term Effect of Storms and Hurricanes

Any natural disaster that causes the loss of life and property will have many lasting effects for the people and the community that was struck by such a natural disaster. As a matter of fact, some or most of the victims who are still alive after such an event never forget those horrific events, as they still grieve from the loss of a loved one and/or the loss of their property.

The proceeds from your insurance provider won’t bring back a loved one, nor can it bring back the treasured items of your past, like pictures and other personal keepsakes. Those are gone forever and you have only the memories of those things that were important in your life. That is, if you did have the proper insurance coverage and/or you did receive some kind of financial compensation for your loss.

You would be surprised to know that people who live within places that haven’t been struck by such horrific storms don’t usually have flood insurance, nor do they have insurance for violent storm damage due to a tornado, hail, wind, or lightening.

Then again, global warming is causing such violent storms to occur in places that were never struck before. Localized heavy rains have caused floods in places that are miles away from the nearest bodies of water and rivers. At the same time, lakes are drying up due to droughts.

In turn, those droughts have caused huge brush and forest fires that also destroyed thousands of homes during the last few years. Do you currently reside in a place that can be completely destroyed by such a fire? If so, you better determine if your insurance provider will pay you for such a loss. Those types of losses are called “Acts of God” and some insurance providers don’t pay for losses due to such events.

Earthquakes are such events and they too can destroy and/or damage entire cities within a few minutes. The cost to rebuild those places is a multi-billion dollar expense. So too, the damage caused by a level three or higher force hurricane is usually a multi-billion dollar event.

While some people do recover from such a loss, it takes many years for their city to return to a normal condition. Then again, nothing is really the same as it was before such an event. Some of your neighbors will be gone forever, one way or another. Your employer might also be gone forever, together with your job.

Then there is the added inconvenience of having to live in a hotel of other such temporary place while your home is being rebuilt. How will you live if you have no money saved for such an event? What will you do if you are now unemployed? If such a thing does happen to you, do you have a plan for escape and where will you go before such a horrific event changes your life forever?

To suffer the effects of a natural disaster truly is a life changing event and you better believe that the people who are still alive remember those events for as long as they live. Good luck and stay healthy and happy.