The last Big Freeze Source Findings Indict Modern Day Ice Age

Scientists and indeed the entire world may be one step closer to uncovering some of the biggest mysteries of the past as according to a report from “Fox News”, the world changing flood of major proportions that caused the ancient event known as “the big freeze” may have been located. The big freeze was not just an ordinary event. It is known and regarded as the last cold age, or ice age as it is often called. This event contributed to a huge, global change in the world and contributed to the world as we know it today. So, where was the location of the flood found?

According to the same report from Fox News, the location of the flood was none other than the Arctic. Known as one of the coldest places on earth, the Arctic itself may have been a direct cause for the global big freeze over ten thousand years ago.

Recent studies have shown that changes in the way that water flows in the Arctic was one of the triggers of the event that left the world iced over for centuries. Covering many huge cities in the area now known as the United States Of America, the flood was large enough to cover and completely submerge New York City under layers of water and consequently, thick ice.

Scientists believe that the cause of the flood and big freeze was a massive glacial lake known as Agassiz. The lake however no longer exists., but its remnants can still be seen across Canada, America and other areas. The lake, which scientists think was serving as a huge ice dam, suddenly shattered, likely due to climate change. With the absence of the dam, tons and tons of water left its once icy tomb and poured over the world. It is this which subsequently froze, again due to climate change, and caused the last global big freeze to date.

Given that the world was so dramatically altered in the blink of an eye, could such an occurrence happen again in the present day? Well, scientists believe that if the change in Arctic water flow was a prime cause, which they have evidence to believe it was, then yes, a big freeze could indeed occur today if climate change continues to damage the world and cause a change in the Arctic flow. Combined with the melting of the polar icecaps, it seems all the more likely with this new evidence that a global flood and subsequent “new ice age” or “modern big freeze” is very much plausible.