The Joys and Challenges of being a Science Nerd

Being a science nerd is a difficult life. Why? Well I’ll tell you.

Science has always been my “best subject”. It is something I’m good at, but what really gives me the reputation of science nerd is the fact I ENJOY science. From the beginning of senior school, my reputation was dodgy, but after the January School Exams i had the reputation of science nerd. And it’s a reputation i haven’t managed to shake in five years of school.
Here i am, about to take my GCSEs, and in the 9 science modules i have taken so far, I have gained 99%. That is a science nerd thing to do. But perhaps even more nerdy is that im retaking one of them in hope of increasing my grade to 100%, which is very likely, as it is only that one paper that i havent got 100% on.

But enough about how I am a nerd. Take a look at how i am treated by others:

Well to be honest, i am excluded. It is not something i mind. It is something i’m used to. I often prefer to be alone, because teenagers, especially girls in a private school, are immature about the slightest thing, and I can’t stand that. But if I wanted to be one of them, I would have troubles. For instance, I have often been left out because I get higher grades than others, or because I don’t work hard to get those grades. These are fundemental things about myself i can’t change. Just like my love of and interest in learning new things, especially physics.

So this sounds like a lonely, unforgiving life. What can possibly be good about it?

Having few friends, I don’t have to buy so much at christmas. I have no one to complain when i spend time with my boyfriend. I have no one to borrow my clothes and forget to give them back. My science brings me joy. My science gives me conversation, and more often than not intelligent conversation that I could use in the presence of adults, who, lets face it, I am far more likely to be talking to than my own age group, whether its a dinner party or a drinks potty, I tend to head for conversation that is more mature. It’s been like that since I was in primary school. Always chatted to the teacher, not the classmates. I get on well with parents, which is useful, living away from home like i do. It all comes from being a science nerd. Or perhaps from a general love of learning.
And loving science like i do, the world is eating out of the palm of my hand. I could turn to any one of thousands of careers with my qualifications in science, and will never be out of a job where science is the future.

Life may be harsh in the world of a science nerd, but there are a million reasons why I love it!