The Hurricane Season in Mexico

White sands, tan bodies, coconut melodies, and crystal blue waters that glisten in the sun. Palms sway in the wind right along with the hammocks’ and all is well in Mexico. When the sun sets the party really gets started as a rainbow of lights shower the sands with sea sounds that make you want to move your body in melody with the waves.
The vacation season is officially here. Most have probably already planned their 2008 vacation and eagerly await its arrival, but, as in times past it pays to stay very in touch with the weather, especially if your 2008 vacation is taking you somewhere exotic like Mexico or one of its sister islands.

Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. The past several years have paid witness to a surge of intensity in the Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. The Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico have been the home to some of the worst hurricanes including hurricane Katrina. In 2005 there were 15 named hurricanes, and in 2006 there were 5 hurricanes but 9 storms that rocked the islands and gave us all a run for our money. If you have ever been stuck overseas during an evacuation, then you know what kind of pandemonium you are dealing with, as well as the cancelled flights and nail biting close calls. In this day and age with technology being what it is we can predict with certain accuracy the prevalence of such storms and the cost of their impact.
As a vacationer you should be aware of the risk involved in travel especially when flying or sailing towards the tropics or Mexico.

Hurricane damage is usually caused by storm surge, high winds, heavy rains, flooding, mudslides and tornadoes. Mexico is a region that is known to be affected by hurricanes almost yearly. It is these regions that travelers are warned to be especially watchful. Coastal areas and islands are known to flood and be especially susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes alike. These areas experience widespread damage to infrastructure and serious shortages of habitable accommodations, food, water, and medical facilities. Americans who are stranded in these affected regions may be required to delay their return to the United States while staying in emergency shelters with only the most basic resources’ and limited medical supplies.

While it is wise to travel outside of the hurricane season, it is undeniable that you can come across some great deals should you choose to travel inside the hurricane season. When traveling to Mexico you must access the risks involved and determine if that is a risk you want to make.