The History of the Wheel

The History of the Wheel
No one has ever been accredited for the invention of the wheel. It will always remain a mystery as to who invented the wheel and when the wheel was actually invented.
archaeologists assumed it was probably invented around 8,000 B.C. in Asia,even tho , the oldest wheel known, however, was discovered in Mesopotamia and probably dates back to 3,500 B.C. At this time the western hemisphere knew nothing of it’s existence, being it was strictly used in the European nations The beginning of the Industrial Revolution brought it to the attention of other countries and they soon fell in pursuit.
The wheel is probably the most important mechanical invention of all time The idea of a symmetrical component moving in a circular motion on an axis,.began the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. A single, basic principle of motion became one of the most ingenious inventions of all time.
,The earliest known use of this essential invention was a potter’s wheel that was used at Ur in Mesopotamia (part of modern day Iraq} as early as 3500 BC. Wheels were found on
Egyptian chariots around 2000 B.C. also the Sumerian’s used them on their chariots leading to the wheel being called the Sumerian wheel.
The wheel appears in different countries, with varying dates ,showing there is no specific date for its conception . It is and will remain a mystery as to who, invented and the time frame of it’s first existence, we will never know.
Before the discovery of the wheel, different methods of transportation were incorporated to move heavy objects, Man used logs, being they were round , giving them the ability to roll heavy objects that were physically impossible for men to carry, or move. This method also
allowed them to move heavy objects more quickly and efficiently and longer distances. .It wasn’t long before some one realized the potential of applying this principal , promoting the birth of the wheel. The wheel has been one of the most incredible inventions available to man, bringing about many major changes in how mankind would evolve into a different era of life.
The wheel has brought about a whole new style of life, we have gone from hard manual laboring jobs to a more sophisticated work force. The wheel revolution gave us the ability, to have more convinces in life,such, as the invention of the automobile, the convenience of air travel, it has greatly improved our mobility to move from location to location, country to country, it truly has been an incredible invention, that seems to promote new technologies daily. There has been a revolution in the medical field, the list could go on and on with out end.
With the wheel, we have rolled into another century, and, where it will roll,no man can surmise what will evolve out of this simple principle of motion. Only time will write a new future for this principle of motion ,another saga of incredible technologies may be written for man, due to his unwavering love of the wheel.