The History of the Apollo Program

According to some this seems to be a place that they want to start filling up with people like they have Earth but it does not seem like a very good place to go for the simple purpose it has not been know for sure if it is livable. I myself would not consider going to Mars for any purpose even if I had all the money in the world because of what it can do to us as humans. It is not safe as the reading said because they are not sure of the water which is what our bodies are most composed of and the atmosphere does not seem healthy either. We take things for granted as we speak because of our good old Earth we do not take care of what they so call the ozone I do not understand but they say this is going all to you know what because of us humans doing things to it as our exhaust and other things that are atmosphere I do not know about these things it is all that I have read about it and we are suppose to be cause things to this how about our government with all the things that they have done to cause a lot of things in testing the atmosphere for things and seeing if we will live through it. In different countries they do not care if the people live through it or not as long as they test it because a lot of the children are born deformed from these trial and error also many people are susceptible to a lot of things that are in the are that is why there is so much pollution and still we do not give up on things that pollute the air. All in all I think that we should try to fix the Earth before we go wandering off to different areas and pollute there area because we have done enough to ours that we need to clean it and learn what is needed to do this because like they say the ozone is closing and it is our fault because of this we have breathing problems and sicknesses. Also the food is easily contaminated and the animals are not producing as they us to before all the technology went into effect as you can see even us old folks know that we are not safe in our own Earth.