The Facts about the Tunguska Event

It was June 30, 1908 and at exactly 7:17 am when a huge explosion shook the Earth from several miles in the air above the Tunguska region of Siberia. It has the force of a large nuclear bomb and was probably a small asteroid or comet. Still, that date and place is widely known as, “The Tunguska Event.”


The Tunguska Event happened at the exact moment when Nikoll Tesla tested his, “Death Ray,” by aiming his beam towards the Arotic Cirle where he hoped Admiral Peary would see a visual display in the sky. He must have been surprised.

The heat from the Tunguska blast generated by an object entering the atmosphere was so extreme it caused it to violently disintegrate before hitting the ground. Those who witnessed it from hundreds of miles away reported it was brighter than the sun and even at that distance, the shockwave knocked people off their feet. The explosion destroyed more than 60 million trees, but luckily it was such a remote area that only a few lives were lost.

It took nineteen years for Russian scientists to investigate the site, probably due to the isolation of Siberia, but then again, it also might be because of a long term of highly coordinated mass experiment that had been going on. When they finally got around to investigating the site, scientists persuaded the government to fund the expedition due to the assumption that iron from the meteorite might be retrieved and used by industry. Due to the fact that the explosion blasted in mid air, no meteorite was ever found. Still events like this are now called, “Impact events,” and the possibility exists that at any given moment, an object could fall from the sky and take human life.

Seismic vibrations were recorded at as much as 600 miles away and at 300 miles away, witnesses reported, “deafening bangs,” and a fiery cloud on the horizon. At about 110 miles from the explosion the object was seen in the cloudless sky as a brilliant fireball and thunderous noises were also reported. People were thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious, windows were broken, and thousands of animals were killed instantly.


People living in the village of Nizhne-Karelinsk saw a large object shaped like a pipe with a white light moving vertically down for about ten minutes. A small dark cloud was seen and when the object approached the ground it seemed to explode and became a huge cloud of black smoke. After that, there was a loud crash, like gunfire. Buildings shook and at the same time, flames broke through the cloud. Witnesses say that everyone thought the world had come to an end.

The event was also described as, ” A ball of fire, coming down obliquely. A few minutes later, we heard a deafening sound like peals of thunder, followed by eight loud bangs like gunshots.” Others said a ball of fire appeared in the sky and as it approached the ground, it took a flattened shape, but still others said it looked like a falling star with a fiery tail that disappeared into the air.

One peasant recalled, “I was sitting on the porch of the house at the trading station, looking north. Suddenly in the north the sky was split in two, and high above the forest the whole northern part of the sky appeared covered with fire. I felt a great heat, as if my shirt had caught fire. At that moment there was a bang in the sky, and a mighty crash. I was thrown twenty feet from the porch and lost consciousness for a moment. The crash was followed by a noise like stones falling from the sky, or guns firing. The earth trembled. At the moment when the sky opened, a hot wind, as if from a cannon, blew past the huts from the north. It damaged the onion plants. Later, we found that many panes in the windows had been blown out and the iron hasp in the barn door had been broken.”

“I saw the sky in the north open to the ground and fire poured out. The fire was brighter than the sun. We were terrified, but the sky closed again and immediately afterward, bangs like gunshots were heard. We thought stones were falling… I ran with my head down and covered, because I was afraid stones may fall on it.”


Apparently scientists have not been able to definitively resolve the fiery event in Tunguska, but from the beginning the debate excluded the electric force, which is the one force that allows for a unified solution and excludes no field of evidence. Those who are for the Electric Universe theory ask that this new perspective on the physical world be judged by its productive ability and its ability to explain all relevant date.

Still, most likely the origin of the fiery object in the Tunguska event is the comet Encke which is the acknowledged source of the Beta Taurid meteor shower. On June 20, the shower was at its peak.


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