The Facts about the Natural Petroleum Reserves Remaining in the World

Who among us outside of those who run governments throughout the world, are in a position to present facts about petroleum reserves without actually being involved in the politics that create the questions we all have when it comes to understanding why we are always faced with ever increasing demand on foreign oil?

Those of us who have enough of an interest shouldn’t find it too hard to gather facts about anything these days, as the internet supplies us all with everything we need to know and then some. So I decided to at least explore some of the known facts about how much oil we can expect from within our own borders as opposed to the importation of it, as well as having to “depend” on its importation to this country, when in fact we have more under our soil than most middle east countries.

For too long we have been doing less and less in this country to make life easier as we have been farming out more and more of our needs to other countries. We have environmentalists who will protest at the mere suggestion that we do not do any drilling offshore, or even within our borders, but at the same time will vocalize about all that is wrong with how things are going.

We can’t have our cake and eat it too. If oil is what we need, then we should explore the vast quantities that this country has that hasn’t even begun to be tapped. If oil is not what we need, because it may prove to be too much of a cost to our environment, then we need to explore alternative energy, and we have begun to do so. However, alternative energy is far from just being in our immediate future, and our dependency for oil just keeps increasing.

Forget about the rest of the world, the fact is, the United States has more oil that could be tapped than all of the middle east put together.
This is a known fact only to a few, but is true.
The problem is the cost of drilling vs the cost of importing as well as environmental factors.
We once had the best in industry. But it became far more economical and convenient to import most of what we were able to produce years ago.
Our untapped oil reserves are the largest in the world, and as long as we take the same route, they will remain untapped.