The Evolution of Humans

Selling evolution as the process by which man came into being is the second biggest con job in history. The biggest con job was of course selling the Bible as the true word of God. Evolutionists claim there is scientific proof and therefore evolution is a fact. These are both false statements. They claim that gene mutation is the mechanism by which these transformations occur, but this has never been reproduced in a laboratory. If you can not reproduce a process by experimentation it is not science fact. Evolution is science fiction, a myth, the new opiate of the masses to replace religion. This has happened because religion has failed to live up to its claims. Man needs his question answered. Where did we come from?

In order to for a scientific discovery to be called fact, it has to had been tested though the scientific method. The scientific method has seven steps to it (Science Buddies
First, state the question. Evolutionists have done this. Where did man come from? Second, do research. They have done this also by building on the work of Darwin. Third, state your hypothesis. This is where it all starts to fall apart. In the third step you are supposed to state what you think will happen in your experiment. They make the statement that genes are rearranged in a mutative process, but this has never been seen in an experiment to make a new species. Therefore the hypothesis is false per the scientific method.

Mutation is a true event, however it is not to benefit the spices or change it into something else, but a flaw or defect in DNA coping. There is a common human example of gene mutation and it is even termed a birth defect. The mutation is in the 21st pair of chromosomes known as trisomy 21. This mutation causes the condition know as Down syndrome. This syndrome results in lower IQ and shorter life span. How is this “survival enhancement” as evolutionist say mutations are? Mutations are errors in gene sequence that have negative effects. They are not enhancements, which only occur in movies like X Men. An example of mutation from one species to another has never been found because it is not possible.

Evolutionary scientists try to use the statement that “evolution is a slow process that takes millions of years to occur” to explain why they can’t reproduce an experiment in the laboratory. There are two problems with that. First, mutations happen in a single reproductive cycle so you can observe it. Second if mutations continually happen for millions of years you would expect to see continual changes in the fossil record, which we do not. There are no progressive changes from one species to the next, because it doesn’t happen.

Evolution is a fascinating story, but that’s all it is – a story. There is no scientific proof, only speculation. Evolution exists for the people who need an answer to the question, where did we come from? These people reject the religious myth in favor of a more scientific myth, but it is fiction none the less. We will have a better chance of finding the truth of our origins if we admit we don’t know how we got here. It is better to keep an open mind than to believe in a lie.