The Effects of Sunlight on our Lives a Relationship


Sunlight is as important as water for life as we know it on earth. They work hand in hand to bring the seasons, and replenish our planet. If this was not so, we would not be in this Solar System or alive on this planet earth. The sun itself has been an enigma to some who write about or study it, but a signature to many a civilization from it’s rising to it’s setting. Sunlight is the sun, and the sun is the engine which keeps the wheels of life turning for the earth.

All round the world we keep moving around it within the earth’s orbit, and the sun’s gravitational field, where some-body’s day is exquisite because of it. For some this bring happiness, and adds to their health. While others – those who have a relationship with it – wait with the clouds which rose with it’s dawn: it is a part of the whole. They know, without these clouds there would be no water. Like all life, these folk work around the sun, and know what it means. Everything… relies on the sun. Even the Moon. It is the earth’s most vital force and is to be respected.

For at it’s closest point to earth – the equator – is the abundance of equatorial lush green life. A different green to anywhere else, where the sunlight soaks in the chlorophyll within the photosynthesis of nature’s chemicals; feeding this life which in turn breaths back into the atmosphere, so we all can breath. And here in turn, it returns as tropical rainfalls, were there is no lack of sun nor water. This, should say it all. It is no secret how important are the trees of life, in giving us air, nor the sunlight in transforming this back into living water.

Yet… the sunlight is dimming, and more of the earth they call home, is drying out. The salt of the earth’s tears are being drawn up from past oceans which once filled the spaces which humans call theirs. The land which was fruitful, lies barren – to the ignorant – yet in the snow of salt, the new white gold, it is an offering. Nature does not waste but recycle where it can, where some humans have yet to learn to gather the harvest, and utilize it also. For sunlight and salt too are one of nature’s miracles.

Everywhere on street corners and any-where the sun has shone, people are talking, about a change in the seasons, while still our faithful earth turns on her axis – though tilting 26 degrees more than normal – she tries to balance the problem. The sun has been life for too long to die with the earth it has renewed on it’s daily basis, and for everything which relies on sunlight, they are like the rest of life’s chemical wonders. Plants, animals, vegetables or minerals of this planet, need more sunlight than the eye can see.

Take away the sunlight, no matter who cannot deal with it, and that would mean certain death, to all earth’s life. For sunlight does not only stay on the surface of human sight, but through all it’s given energies, penetrates to the core with even the Infra Red Ray, to molten the rock, and keep the furnace of magma within the alchemy of new lands fertile for new growth. Even the unseen rays which penetrate the deepest oceans – as ultra sound or radio waves beyond the spectrum – life-forms could not live within the depths. Sunlight is more than visible light.

The effects of sunlight on all life is as the paradox of water. Both can give, and both can take… but human interference is disturbing the very air even sunlight gives to breath. Respect is use not abuse, for both the human body and the earth. Think of the plants, and how they live in the sunlight, or shaded, and still enjoy the filtered light. It’s life giving force calls for sunshine, to germinate the seed even under the soil. Some to even grow within the moon’s polarized light, with the sun. And what would the oceans do without sunlight with the moon?

So what are the effects of sunlight on our lives? It’s called life, and how we respect it. If it burns like an oven, isn’t that the result of too much human interference, through neglecting this earth, and affecting it’s engine, and the cogs of it’s wheel of it’s life giving force?