The Difference between Spring Water and Purified Water

Purified water and Spring water are both widely sold to consumers and they are available in many grocery stores, shopping malls and other places that deal in the selling of foods consumed by humans. The consumer has the liberty to choose the best water for consumption from the two types available. This has to be done from a well informed perspective, as follows.

Spring water is a type of water that is extracted from underground and which flows naturally to the surface of the earth. The water has to be collected from the site of the spring for it to qualify as spring water. Spring water is loaded with minerals and other elements that are good for the human body. Spring water is safe for human consumption according to the FDA. Spring water is available in bottles like Evian, Deer Park, and Poland Spring, among others. The cost of spring water is slightly higher than that of purified water.

Purified water is treated water for consumption. The water will pass through various processes that get rid of all bacteria and in the process make it safe for human consumption. Purified water is almost available in every municipal tap. This water is equally safe for consumption and is widely available in bottles by soft drinks makers like Dasani and Aquafina, among others. This water costs less than the spring water on the market.

Spring water is naturally processed whereas the purified water is artificially processed. This makes spring water the preferred choice for many consumers. Purified water can be altered any time by the makers, but for spring water the contents of the elements remain the same. Spring water is also believed to have some healing powers due to the loads of elements that are within the water, which the makers of the purified water may not be able to fully include when making purified water.

Spring water works on the body from within and without, making it a better choice. That explains why some people love to go to hot springs and just bask in the spring water for health related reasons. The purified water will only benefit the person when consumed, unlike the spring water where the person will benefit from both fronts of inside and outside the body.

Both types of water are readily available across all grocery stores and places where food stuff is sold. It is important for an individual to appreciate the advantages of drinking spring water and purified water for better health.