The Difference between Assertiveness and Aggressiveness in Women

ProcrastiNATION.. a nation in itself. A world of individuals who make up excuses for not getting up and out.

I can say this because I once belong in a category such as this. I was told by my doctor I had 3 years to live. You have to rest, rest, rest. You have an autoimmune disease. I did just that. Then what I turned out to be was sickening to me. People who I have helped has turned their backs on me just because they could not use me as they did before. You see who your true friends are when the funds and the ability to take care of their lives diminishes. I was not happy, gained weight and became sicker.

I decided to get up and take me and my path in my own hands. It takes a simple push in the right direction. Get up pick up a pencil, start writng notes, start planning. Get up and start walking.. If you can walk 10 minutes a day.. motivate yourself to move to physical activity atleast 1 hour a day. This will help maintain your health. If you are overweight, join a gym, sign up for programs that allow you to exercise from home, eat a balanced meal 6 times a day. That doesnt mean a hungry man meal 6 times a day. Portion control… 3 meals with 3 snacks.. snacks can be an orange, or some type of fruit, walnuts and yogurt. Meals entail a spoon ful of rice or potato or noodle with 1 oz of meat and vegetables. If you eat a subway sandwich… eat half. Start reading labels…

Attitude.. this does not mean to walk around proclaiming yourself as a diva of all divas.. It mean to maintain the attitude that you are someone, and you are someone who cares for yourself and it shows in your attitude, dress, smell and hygiene. I am working to better myself and those around me. Share this attitude with your neighbor and motivate someone else.

Before starting any type of diet or exercise, run it through your doctor. This is not meant to be a medical advice.. Its what Im doing to better myself.

Step out of the ProcrastiNATION and join a NATION of go-getters!