The Dark Side of Dolphin Behavior

When most people talk about dolphins, it is usually about their playful or intellectual nature. However, just like humans, dolphins have a not-so-attractive side, as well. This “evil” nature can be tied to their methods of reproduction, their choice of entertainment, and, until now, their aversion of the discovery of that entertainment.

It is already common knowledge that dolphins are one of the few species to have intercourse for fun. Their methods, however, are not often brought up. When male dolphins are “in the mood,” they will group together and steer a female away from the pod. The males will then repeatedly have forced intercourse with the female, essentially raping her. If she tries to break away from them, they will beat her, using their echo-location to aim. This is only one of the unknown traits of dolphins.

Up until recently, dolphins’ reproductive habits were the only known deterrent from their playful nature. The dolphins have only been discreet about their true colors. There have been videos showing these “gentle” creatures attacking and killing young porpoises. All the porpoises were about two to three years old, and roughly the same size. Although it has yet to be determined exactly why the attacks happened, it is known that the porpoises did not provoke the dolphins. It is also suggested that the dolphins searched out the little guys, and it was not a territorial issue. The porpoises exhibited internal damage of the major organs, and it is thought to be due to the dolphins’ ability to echo-locate their aim.

There is yet another factor. It is also believed that the dolphins purposely act differently around humans, which may seem like an unnecessary statement, but that is not the case. This belief is that they try to “pretend” to be the nice animals we have always thought them to be. Maybe it is true, or maybe they just act differently when there is a creature around that is not like them. It may never be known.

So spread the word: dolphins are no exception to the rule. They are just like the rest of us living beings on the planet. While they are enjoyable to watch, take pictures of, and even play with, They have their dark side, as well.