The Cost of Bariatric Surgery

The health risks associated with obesity are becoming well known. The current rise of obesity in society is a worrying trend as it also translates into additional strain on health care resources. Obesity leads to so many related problems, from diabetes to heart disease.

The financial cost of being obese can take its toll as well, as absenteeism is likely to be high due to obesity related problems. Discrimination may be encountered in the work place, or simple inability to work because of carrying so much excess weight.

Bariatric surgery is an option for those who are morbidly obese. It is not considered as a slimming method but as a health procedure. However it is an expensive procedure as it will involve a hospital stay, surgery and anaesthesia costs, plus aftercare. Surgery may also lead to complications which involve prolonged treatment which also needs to be taken into account, as it is can be an issue with these types of surgeries.

The average costs of bariatric surgery is about $25,000 but can be much higher, depending on your location, the surgeon you choose and the type of procedure you opt for. If you carry medical insurance it is possible that your policy may cover obesity, but many do not.

Some insurance companies regard obesity as a persons choice and will not offer any coverage whatsoever, whilst others are realising that the associated illnesses of obesity may cost more in the long term than trying to tackle the obesity now. However as many people do put the weight back on after several years it seems to give weight to the notion of obesity being a choice.

If your insurance does provide coverage it may not be for all the associated costs of the surgery, so it is important to check just what coverage is offered. If the insurance company does bare the costs then it will be based on a recommendation from both your doctor and surgeon. 

Most clinics which specialise in bariatric surgery offer payment plans to help to finance the costs of treatment, but if you are self financing the procedure you need to consider any additional costs which may be incurred if complications do arise as a result of the surgery.

If the surgery is a success with no complications the medical benefits you reap may then enhance your potential earnings, but it is without doubt a costly procedure to undergo if follow up advice is not adhered to.