The Consequences of using Alternative Energy

It seems as we only have one alternative energy source that meets the following and necessary criteria:

1. Safeness – We need an alternative energy that is safe, and like oil cannot be attained by terrorists, bombers, or anyone that is not using it for useful and necessary purposes.

2. Renew ability – An energy that can be reused for centuries and millenniums, unlike oil that has been used for about 1500 years, but has just recently hit a brick wall named our economy, and availability, it is necessary for humans to find an energy that can last longer, and cannot run into difficulties.

3. Power – We need an energy that can power not only cars, but all of our newer means of transportation. Society uses power more than anything especially the United States which is the leading country in using power. The United States, as a recent article said, that any alternative energy we use, they will quickly be either denied or rejected by the media, because of more pressing matters such as “the NBA” or “The MLB” or even random baby toy inventions, because THOSE are such pressing matters.(sarcastic)

We need an alternative energy that meets all of the above criteria, and there is only one that is usable to society.

Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy reactors have six-foot thick steel walls on the sides and a 10 feet deep ceiling to protect the energy inside.

There are a bunch of myths that surround nuclear energy, as there are faults with every type of energy, but this is no reason to try using it.

For example, ethanol is being used right now in about 2% in the United States and being widely used outside of the United States, here are the problems with ethanol:

1. The environment – Ethanol has adverse effects on the environment, and is quickly destroying it as we speak, the chemicals in ethanol tend to butt heads with those in our environment. Ethanol is hurting our environment but no one is taking action against it.

2. Our economy – As we all know, our economy fluctuates, but while ethanol is trying to boost our economy and bring us out of the logical equivalent of a recession, ethanol is actually tanking our economy, because using ethanol makes our air worse. This makes air-monitoring companies mandate emission levels in the air, as well as monitor the amount of chemicals the spray in the air. This makes the companies spray chemicals that vanquish the amount of pollution in the air, because this pollution can eventually hurt us in the long run.

These problems with ethanol is a side-note, but the main point is that current energies are being used, while our world is suffering a silent death. This means that just because minor difficulties are enlisted to an energy, this does not that they shouldn’t be implemented.

Back to nuclear energy,

It should be implemented, because all of the other energies are lacking in one of the three criteria. Unfortunately, politics has failed to address the area as well, while I am personally rooting for Barack Obama, neither candidate on the Repubs or the Dems, has given a concrete, reliable, renewable energy for society. I believe this is because of the media scrutinization, since the media jumps on any little word that politicians state, they will immediately attack the politician that says, “(Fill in the blank) energy is the best energy, and this will be used, if I was president of the United States”

In conclusion, our world is screwed up and is suffering a silent death as I type this article, society has done nothing to counteract any of the damages that have occurred, and while we worry about our huge oil prices(which have gone much higher than my allowance), we try desperately to find alternative energies while we still use oil and more oil. For society fears change. Why, you ask? Well:

1. Change makes societies adapt to more recent ways of operating themselves, this makes them fear things, as can be seen by the Amish.

2. Change has almost always been bad, as can be seen through history, when the military changes their means of approaching their enemy, they have had more casualties because they are not used to the strategy the other party is enlisting to.