The Chemical Properties of Oxygen

Oxygen is an element represented by the letter O. Oxygen’s atomic number is 8. The atomic weight of oxygen is 15.9994. The group number of oxygen is 16 and the group name of oxygen is Chalcogen. The period number of oxygen is two while the block is p- block. The ground state configuration of oxygen is 1s2 2s2 2p4 and the ground state level is 3p2. The common valence is two and the standard state is gas. The bond length of oxygen is 120.741 the atomic radius calculated is 48 and the radius empirical is 60. Oxygen’s Sanderson Electronegativity is 3.65 while oxygen’s Allred Rochow Electronegativity is 3.50. The Molar Volume of oxygen is 17.36. The Melting Point of oxygen is -218.3 and the Boiling Point is -182.9. The classification is a non-metallic and Joseph Priestley and Carl Scheele discovered it. Oxygen was discovered at England and Sweden in 1774, the name comes from the Greek words oxy gene meaning acid and forming. Oxygen makes up a large majority of the earth’s surface. Oxygen is very important to everything. Oxygen is what allows humans to live and oxygen is what allows humans to breathe. Oxygen is released from plants after the process of photosynthesis and it is in water and carbon dioxide. This means that you drink a lot of oxygen when you drink water and when you drink soda since many sodas are carbonated. When oxygen is in O2 it is safe and used in everything but when it is ozone (O3) or just plain O it can be very dangerous and actually kill you. Ozone is obviously up in the ozone layer, this can be inferred from the name alone. Straight oxygen can make people stoned so people will pay to get pure oxygen although it is illegal to be used as a drug. There are also oxygen bars but these are more of a gimmick to make money than anything is. When you go to an oxygen bar they may offer you different flavored oxygen or just plain straight non-flavored oxygen. After you select your flavor they give you a mask that you then put on your face, this mast will supply the oxygen directly to you. Once you have been settled in they will turn on the machine and you will just simply breathe. Many people believe that this does absolutely nothing to you. I do not know but the one time I went, I did not feel anything and it was just a fun experience. It is probably not worth the money but cool to do once. Just make sure that you are not actually breating in ozone, but you will be able to tell because of ozones distinct smell.