The Chemical Properties of Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a gas that mkaes up 78 percent of our air by its volume, the atmosphese of mars is only 2.6 percent of the element nitrogen is a vital part to all living things and is in all biological compounds makeup the french discovered the element and they found it in food.

Nitrogen has an Atomic number: 7
this is an element that has an Atomic weight: 14.0067
this is a cool element that has an Electronic configuration: [He] 2s2 2p3
Nitrogen is a unique element that has an Atomic radius (nm); 0.074
this is cool and unique that has an Electro negativity (Pauling scale); 3.05
Nitrogen is a cool element that has an Oxidation numbers (ON); -3; -2; -1; 0; +1; +2; +3; +4; +5.
Nitrogen is has an Melting point (C): -209.86
this has an Boiling point (C): -195.8

Nitrogen is a big part of ammonia being that ammonia is made of nitrogen and hydrogen, it is important compound because it is used for many things but it is somthing that will kill life so be careful where you use it and what you are using it for.

according to britannica online nitrogen is a nonmetallic element the periodic table. It is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas and takes up most of the Earth’s atmosphere, and a constituent of all living matter.

nitrogen ranks sixth in the most found elements. you can find it in the Earth’s atmosphere to 78 percent by volume you can also find it in many meteorites; it is in the gases of volcanoes, mines, and some mineral springs; in the Sun; and in some stars. In combination it is found in the minerals nitre and Chile saltpetre (sodium nitrate, NaNO3); ;(NH4+), nitrite (NO2-), and nitrate (NO3-) ions; and in living organisms as complex organic compounds such as proteins.

ammonia has a very gross smell and is used in smelling salts to wake up the fainted. it has a smell that is very stronge so it is put in a little tube that you break when someone has passed out and you can use it to wake them up, you can also use it to kill bacteria. when mixed with bleach you get a very toxic clowd that sometimes consists of pure Cl which will rip your lungs apart trying to get electrons…gross… it also produces many toxic chemicals that will kill you very quickly if inhauled. .