The causes of Global Climate Change

The word ‘climate’ refers to the average atmospheric or weather condition of an area over a considerable period of time, and the word ‘change’ refers to the continuous process of alteration and transformation due to certain causes.  Thus, ‘climate change’ together means the alteration and transformation of the average atmospheric or weather condition of an area in certain period of time due to a change in the concentration of green-house gases (like carbon dioxide, cloro-floro carbons, methane and many other compounds of carbon) in the atmosphere.
Four-and- a-half billion years ago when the earth was formed, earth’s twin planet called ‘Thea’ was formed at the same time. Thea was full of vital physical and biological matters required for the existence of life on earth. When Thea came near the earth , the earth’s strong gravitational force caused a collision with Thea that made the earth even bigger and provided all the vital constituents like atmosphere, water, temperature, etc.; resulting in the creation of the moon.  

After that, existence of life and evolution took place with the change in temperature and climate of the earth.  Geologists tell us that over the past one million years there have been at least four Ice Ages that had left the earth all covered in ice resulting in the extinction of some creatures and creation or evolution of some new creatures.  For instance, ice ages turned earth into a cold planet until volcanoes burst out of nowhere releasing an excessive amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that rose the temperature of earth and again turned the earth into a green and blue life-supporting planet. This sudden change in temperature or climate is an example of how climate change has been quite beneficial to us. 

The causes of climate change on a geological time frame are uncertain as there is no such evidence that clarifies the cause of ‘Ice Age’ on earth.  It may be a combination of several causes each producing either a cooling or a warming effect, which as a result, causes either cooling or warming of the earth’s surface.  However, climate change at this current time is considered to be an effect of an increase in the amount of green-house gases in the atmosphere caused by more industrialization, deforestation, pollution, etc.

Also, according to the theory of the ‘Greenhouse Effect’, it is said that “With the rise of green-house gases, the layers of the atmosphere have thickened so that the radiations of sun passing to sun cannot all pass back due to the thickening of the layer.”  As a result, the earth’s temperature has increased and warming of the earth has occurred.  Although these green-house gases is very essential to maintain the planet’s temperature for the existence of life, its excessive amount (more than needed) have now resulted in the warming of the earth.  

Also, the chief cause for global warming and climate change is seen in careless human activities.  On the long walk to technical advancement, humans has been causing several negative impacts on the environment, ecosystem and the nature.  Humans are directly and indirectly responsible for present climate change.  Deforestation, more industrialization, invention of technologies, etc., are some examples of some adverse human activities. Humans are responsible for almost all the entire emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is regarded to be one of the most abundant green-house gases at the moment.

Because, we humans are one of the chief caused of climate change, we  should be aware of our actions and be environment friendly.  We should try to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% each year and 90% by 2050 to maintain a healthy environment on our only home (earth).  Let us all make this earth a better place to live again.  Let us go green.  Let us change.