The Building of the Egyptian Pyramids

We can ascertain that the great pyramids are not the product of Egyptians, but the culture of the predecessors of the Ancient Egyptians since the Egyptians were former slaves of the Babylonians who most definately built the pyramids and told the Egyptians, in our belief, to relegate them into the past in the fortnight of the future. Basically, Babylonians allowed the Egyptians around 3000 bce. Or.

If one agrees to put the great flood of the Earth around 4550 bce we can ascertain that the Earth in part was in fact flooded for about 500 years in a cycle of Defaction of the Polar Moments of the Earth already shown to Exist in The Processional wobble of the Earth. I believe the Flood happened and that the story was a moral argument for unknown forces to act upon the Earth so that the bible architects may exploit such thigs for their own benefit. So as we proceed through time we see that wood has been petrified into stony chysophages and that my experience as a Jehovah’s Witness for a brief time in my world since this was not the agreement they bargained for but I had excluded my-self from the Truth Clause which means I was only a JW for about 1 year after which I questioned the Apocalyse Entirety. Albeit said they are very right in ascerting that the Genus was reborn into the new world and this new world was in fact post-deluvian, not an argument in sight since the community of sciences agrees that deluvian quanities are eveidenced in maturation of the soils and cannot be sorted before that into post and pre deluvian states. Upon this inspection I would not use the Jewish system since it relies upon Adamic sin to esculpiate the people into slavery forever, nor the Islamic since it remains in the regress of Judaism nor the Christian foolery known as the Advent of Sin since if it was it would in fact be the First Sin and not the Second Sin that God allowed under Adamic Sin.

So I say, From here to there is in fact 6558 years. If we say that Christ died in 4555 since the Rule OF Julius Ceaser was not evident until about one year in solar from the time Jesus was born we then conclude he was born in the Late fall of 4555. Sept. 17th 4555 would be good since the sheep even today are marked by that day and the bible said the sheep were just becoming folded into their sinew for the winter which is Sept. 17th in Jewish Terminology. A good date for anyone to be born into sin or die for their love of man. So we can say that he died of 33 years of age meaning 4588 Sept 17 in Roman Architecture of Death Maturation into the SubTextaully graphic throes of manifestation of the Will of The Jewish Crowd.

We can Thusly say that The Egyptian pyramids we not pre-deluvian but post-deluvian. I would geussimate them around 4590 for the first and around 4670 for the second and 4890 for the third and the final Artifice of The rites of Egyptian Godhood may be around 5295 since the Romans had built a steeple for it in their records of Pliny Exodus. Though no longer beheld by human eyes, unfortunately.

Thus, we can say that the Egyptians built Rome but Rome built Latinus and Latinus Built French, Greek, Tolic, Molic, Polic, Italic, Francic, Germanic, Landis, Antlantium, not beheld, Humanus not beheld ever, Nilius not beheld but expelled throught artificial means, and Fruntis the language of the Portu and later Portugeuse.

We can be expelled from the langauge set of Babylon since it was expelled from Ancient texts which I am not privy to, though may be in the future if people be nice to me and treat me with respect.

The Babylonian sets are not without the rites of attition since Hammurabi and Hummanirabius are Greek words meaning contracts in Tort and Humanistic Dealings. This has been misapplied since the Greek always without a doubt uses the first person, progressive mood in earnest unless otherwise noted. Just like Latinus and it’s derivatives.

The sets explained to me by my colleagues who wish to rename themselves into the auspices of the future as Presentus Maximus, have gone through all documents here and there and have found that an Ancient langauge was perhaps the first to be expounded into many. This can be interpreted to mean there is a beginning for humanity somewhere not here but elsewhere, since if it were here then evolutionary biology would reflect the quantuum changes in human evolution.

We have Primates who are in fact evolved species of lower ordered apes but not apes themselves nor are the Humanoids we are today. So how do we get from here to there?
In the Great Giza strip we found many primates not from the Ape family but not from the Humanoid family either. So we have a coundry that needs to be settled by re-engineered genomic structures found in Apes today. If we can then surmise the genetive functions of Apes who are not considered Primates by us and many in the community then we can say they are a sub-genetive meaning they are not capable of transmutation in higher orders of life by the re-calculus of genomic rebounding into the usefull quantity of genomic apparatus.

In other words, if Primates can indeed evolve into Humans then Humans can evolve into other species of Life. So if I am not a Primate nor human, for instance, but a Proto-Human then I am a indescrete and not the evolve of Apes Nor Primates since Humans do not have the Genomic Structure, in our opinion to restructure ourselves as animals do.

The restructure of humans is akin to the pyramids since the Pyramids are the evolution of one thing into another. The babylonians were too animalistic too be reconniotered with people since they are the progeny of Apes not of Primates. This is not a slam on any race since all races are African by design in our mind but not in others.

The book of Genesis demands further examination since they said amongst others that the Babylonians were hunters in opposition to God. I take that to mean they allowed themselves to game and not farm since they didn’t have the facility to farm for long periods. Eventually these people died out completely since the smarter races excluded them and drove them into the recesses of history.

This is not to be taken lightly as a sign of copitulation that all people are descandants from Sub Haran or the Iraquian Precincts but have the evolution not of the Primates but of the Africaans and there descandants which are in fact all modern people.

The reason I divest myself from racist learnings is that Blacks are marginalized and devalued into our society so much they may have genetic defects borne from disease and slavery conditions which are demonstrative in the learning curve of blacks who are still forced to marry inside the race, a treasonous notion that evidents itself in racial dementia.

The fullest thing we can do is mix our races and gain the best minds from all and be the best thinkers since we are in fact the melting point for many countries, just like Egypt was and the world was shocked when they built the pyramids to exact dimensions with a square and a plum and nothing else. Too bad we don’t look like the Africaans of north Africa who have nearly perfect dentition and good health given the circumstances. We have to be thankful we are a melting point like Egypt since Egypt was the Melting Point of the world so long ago but not the melting pot since that means only a few metals are chosen and not others.

Too be continued….