The Big Bang Theory

If the beginning of life was a Big Bang, my question is: Where did all that energy and intelligence come from? I know there is a question open also when we believe in the God of the Bible or a Creator. You might ask: Where did this God come from? The answer from those believing in the Bible is that God has eternally existed. So there is the same question for the Big Ban or God the creator arguments: Where did each one come from? You will always have this question and we will never know even if we try to explain this rationally. No matter how much brain you have, you can continue forever and ever giving answer and the question will always be: Where this or that come from? As a Bible believer I just accept the Bible explanation and then move on with the rest of the Bible as a way of life finding  out as I move right along that everything makes perfect sense.

In the Big Band Theory (is only a theory) or in the Bible God or Creator argument, you are going to use faith to explain it. One thing we can say is that out of either the Big Band or God’s argument an orderly intelligence had to be there in potential in order for the universe to have evolved or be created into what we see today. But there is a problem. Once you believe there is a personal God that loves, is merciful, communicate with humans and created everything, everything else makes perfect sense. But with the impersonal Big Bang it can’t make sense since it can’t relate to us humans that love, hate, experience joy, depression and have spiritual desires. If the Big Bang theorists argue that all of those characteristics were there in the Big Bang then they end up with the personal God of the Bible.

Just by knowing there is a God through the witness of nature we can have many answers that make sense. But is not complete until we learn about the God of the Bible and accept the the narration of Genesis in which God takes ownership of the creation of everything that exist. We also learned through the Bible that God never experienced a Big Bang creation of Himself. Even if we can’t understand it He has no beginning and no end. If we try to find Him a beginning we will end up with the same dilemma. The rest of the creations starts with Him and ends with Him because He is the Alpha and the Omega.