The Advantages of being an Introvert

Sometimes it’s actually not so bad to be an introvert. People generally think of themselves falling into one of two categories: introverted and extroverted. If you are introverted, and in the minority, sometimes it is hard not to feel like you are at more of a social disadvantage than extroverted people. This is hardly the case. There are many good reasons to be introverted. Here are some of them.

Introverts prefer to be alone to recharge.

If you are introverted, social situations can leave you drained of energy. So to recharge, introverts prefer to be alone. Extroverts, on the other hand, rely on others to recharge their energy. They actually get energetic from being around people. Introverts are not dependant on other people for this reason, which can be advantageous for introverts.

Introverts use their time alone to create.

Being introverted means often spending more time alone. This leads to a greater use of the imagination and more self reflection. This also means that introverts tend to be focused and analytical. They are said to think before they act.

Introverts do not usually make rash decisions.

This means that introverts are much less likely to do something that they regret. They spend a lot of time thinking about things from an analytical perspective. This usually prevents them from engaging in risky behaviors or lifestyle choices.

Introverts create demand.

Because most of the population is extroverted, introverted people are in a minority. Although the attention might be unwanted, introverts can actually become popular. They stand out and offer a unique and refreshing perspective to the majority of people. Their well thought out ideas are respected and they tend to get more credence than someone who shoots first and asks questions later.

Introverts are good at relationships.

As long as the relationships are one on one, introverts really shine at relationships. This is because they keep their best friends close to their core. They invest more time in building solid relationships rather than spreading out their time and social resources thinly. People appreciate an introvert’s sensitivity as well.

There is no shame in being introverted. In fact an introvert has much to offer to the world. A lot of introverts are taking advantage of the online community, and are branching out socially. In person, this might be much harder to accomplish for an introvert because of their nature. If you are introverted, there are many ways to turn this to your advantage. There are also many ways for introverts to manage the hindrances of being introverted. Both being introverted or extroverted have their advantages and disadvantages. Both types compliment each other in beneficial ways.