Ten Places in the World with Ideal Climates

Everyone has a different idea of what an ideal climate is. The average person likes a climate with low humidity and sunshine every day. Others like it mixed up so that boredom does not set in. The places with the best climate for most people lie between 30 degrees North and South of the equator.

Here is a listing of ten places in the world with ideal climates:

Santa Cruz, California is a small city on the coast that has very mild temperatures, so mild, that even the monarch butterfly chooses it for its overwintering site. It rarely freezes in the winter and the cool breezes off the ocean keep the temperature in the mid-70s whenever the sun shines.

NASA proclaims Costa Rica as the country with the healthiest climate. It is a tropical climate and is only 8 degrees from the equator. It has only two distinct seasons. Microclimates make the climate the healthiest.

People also find Hawaii to have pleasant weather conditions. It does rain there, but the freezing temperatures are not the norm. The warm temperatures make beach-going common and popular. The rains bring out many of the tropical flowers.

Some people think Lake Chapala, Mexico has the best climate in the world. Elevation again seems to tell the story of the great weather. Mild temperatures usually in the low-80s repeat themselves daily.

The Canary Islands provide a nice variety with snow-capped mountains and summer heat year round. Temperatures throughout the year are from 64 to 77 degrees. These also have microclimates making for good health.

The Cayman Islands provide a nice change for most people. Hurricanes can excite some but that adds interest to a place. Normally, the climate is comfortable and the tourists happy.  The Three Caribbean Islands provide much variety.

Redwood City, California has the best climate according to the government. This town does not receive much fog as the Sierra Nevada Mountain range blocks it. It does get some rain in the fall and winter but low humidity and sunshine make this a pleasant place to visit.

British Columbia has cooler temperatures in the winter. For people who like snow and skiing, this place has a nice combination of things to do. Fall brings out the fabulous foliage on the trees while the temperatures remain rather mild throughout the day.

People in Australia think that the Blue Mountains provide the best climate. The town of Faulconbridge is 90 miles from Sydney. Mild climate changes occur with the seasons.

South Africa has mild conditions due to its higher elevation. Its temperatures are cooler that other countries in the same geographical setting. Winter is the rainy season.