Swedens most Populated Islands


Hisingen is the most populated island of Sweden with an estimated population of 125,000. It is also the fourth largest island of the country by area. Hisingen is a major economic asset for Sweden with its harbor, industries, and tourist attractions.

The island has a long history of being divided among several countries, namely Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The world known Swedish builders of commercial vehicles, Volvo’s, main office is also situated in Hisingen.


With a population of about 57,000, Gotland is Sweden’s second most populated island. It is also one of the provinces of the country as well as the largest island in the Baltic Sea. Gotland is not a major political center of Sweden; nevertheless it serves as an outstanding tourist destination. Gotland is also popular for its rich history and cultural entities that attract thousands of people around the globe. The island of Gotland only has one major city, Visby, with a population of around 23,000.


Oland is Sweden’s second largest island by area with a population of about 25,000, making it the third largest population wise. It is a highly favorable spot for tourists in summers and is believed to exceed its inhabitant population ten times during the summer months. Very similar to Gotland, Oland holds no particular political influence yet it’s cultural and natural history grabs people’s attention. Archaeologists have predicted that the island has been under human influence for at least 8,000 years. Oland has two major factories which serve for the Swedish benefit yet tourism is still the main source of profit for the island, and for that matter for the whole country. Oland has three major cities: Borgholm, Farjestaden, and Morbylanga, with 12000, 4000, and 2000 natives, respectively.


With a population of about 20,000 people, Orust occupies the position of fourth most populous island of Sweden; although area wise it is the third largest island of the country. The Island is most famous for being home to the Herrin era when the population increased rapidly. Currently, Orust has a relatively low population density yet during summer months the population exceeds 50,000; mainly due to its brilliant beach resorts and scenic landscapes. Orust is also famous for its manufacturing capabilities in crafts at boatyards.


Varmdon has a population of about 10,000 citizens. It is the fifth most populated island of Sweden. Varmdon is famous for being highly exclusive in its nature. Although the island has been rapidly advancing population wise in recent years yet it falls behind the likes of Hisingen, Gotland, Oland, and Orust; despite the fact of being nearer to the most important city of Sweden, Stockholm.