Suriving Tornadoes and Hurricanes

We all know that hurricanes and tornadoes are nature’s most powerful weather phenomenon on our planet. But why are these occurring here on Earth? We all know that the consequences are terrible: depending on the country hit, heavy death tolls, as well as impressive damages to homes, businesses, agricultures and to wildlife. In fact, the world as always suffered from these terrible events since the Earth exists. In one hand, for the past centuries, the global population is on the rise so there are more and more people facing these disasters. In the other hand, the population is not always prepared for these kinds of storms. When a severe tornado hits at midnight and people are sleeping, well its just plain chaotic and a lot of fatalities are inevitable. And for hurricanes, most of people can evacuate hours before the storm’s arrival. The problem is that it is just too painful to see your house being destroyed or having a family member perished. We are also so materialistic that whether it’s the whole house or a car being blown away or such the flat screen television that we will very emotional about the loss. It is painful though to lose everything but what about our life? I think we should just be thankful to be alive after such a disaster. After all, we can easily rebuild homes, businesses and continue to live and to enjoy the weather we have when there are no storms.

But to remind you all, whatever the place we are, we are never at safe place. Tornadoes hit almost every countryespecially in parts of North America where population density is highand hurricanes are bit rarer, six months a year there is high danger for hurricanes in the North Atlantic area. In other parts of the hemisphere, such as in the Asian countries where there is extreme poverty, people there are never prepared for big storms and the death toll as a result are often very high.

As humans on this planet, we should not take for granted Mother Nature. We should respect her and the environment in which we live. Just need to better adapt to these weather disasters and live with that. From now on, instead of being at her mercy, we should just do the best to survive, take cover when needed or evacuate. Whatever the cost of rebuilding, that should be nothing comparing to other world’s problems. In fact, these events should bring more solidarity between people, neighbours and bring them closer because the society we live in is very challenging and stressful at times. So surviving a tornado or a hurricane can bring positive situations making people more aware of the weather and better respecting it.

In my final thoughts, we have been around for millenniums and we will continue to live. So, even if we weren’t here, tornadoes and hurricanes would be here anyway. It’s a matter of degree of adaptation of the human mankind towards these events and other disasters. After all, life continues after biblical events.