Steps to take before and after a Hurricane Hits

Alot of people don’t realize the major dangers in a Hurricane, unless they experience it. I was one of them.
When preparing for a Hurricane there are a vast of steps to making sure you and your family are safe and secure. Yet alone there are alot of things to do to secure your property and belongs too. You can start today by stocking up on supplies and necessities for you and your family. It is highly advisable to have extra cangoods,bottles of water-week supply, non perishable products,can opener, few utensils,a roll of tissue,pack of baby wipes, batteries, candles, matches, radio, watch, battery operated TV(opptional),a changing of clothing for everyone in the family, etc. I always plan ahead with a storage tub loaded with these products.I keep it near in my utility room during hurricane season. I also stock up on empty milk cartons and freeze water for if the lights go out. An icechest is right next to the tub to pack any cold products in the event I need to evacuate again. Before the season rolls around, I always stock up on sheets of pliwood for covering my windows. Do this before and avoid waiting in long lines at the local hardware store. I always get one sheet per window of my home. Don’t for get the nails too. Keep all your supplies up to dated and try to include a first aid kit(available at your local walmart $9.96). Keep updating the news on a regular basis daily and if danger is getting close to the home front, plan to evacuate! If the storm is still about 2-3 days away and you still not sure of leaving, plan to so anyway. By this point all your supplies should be well packed and at your front door. If you have a camper, pack it like your going on vaction for a week! Pack you and your loved ones at least 3 changings and load everything up, gas up the vechicle you are leaving in, and extra gas containers if you have any. This is a very important thing to do! Why? Because no one wants to sit in line for 2-3 hours waiting on gas to evacuate from a major storm! And once it hits, you could end up like me, no gas for days. Prepare before hand and save yourself alot of headache! If you choose to stay, make sure all your supplies are near the middle area of your home.Find an area that you can get in with your family and has secured walls. Like a closet in the hallway or a small bathroom. Place all your supplies there and plan to add pillows and blanets. Once the storm rolls in, take your family to the desinated area and prepare to stay until it rolls by.
I have had my share of both staying and riding the storm and evacuating the home. My best advice is if your governor or local officals make an emergency evacuation in your area- GET OUT! Do not waste time. Time is precious. If you have no place to go, go to your local city hall or court house.They will direct you. Ride out the storm with your family and above all pray.Once it has been declaired gone, return to your home. Check for all electric lines down right away. Report to the electric company if any and stay far away. Do not attempt to move any hot wires or trees until you are told it is safe. Check all damage to your home inside and outside with a tablet and pen available. Make note of all things that are not right. Contact your insurance, that is what you have them for and why you pay to have them. They will send an adjustor out to view the damages for you. If you do not have insurance, now is the time to locate and call FEMA. They assist in helping people who have losses. Your local television company can assist you with a phone number. If you did not have insurance, nows the time to get it! Trust me-get it. It can strike again like it did to me. With in a couple of weeks we were hit by two hurricanes-Rita & Katrina. You can’t control mother nature. If you have lost everything, call your local community center and ask for information on receiving help. At this point, you will need it. And everyone around you will be glad to lend a hand. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. And above all don’t be afraid to start over again. Life is a precious thing, especially when you are safe with your loved ones. Rebuild. And be thankful for a second chance.