Sores In Nose – Pictures, Causes and Treatment

Sores are annoying. These are bumps, ulcers, lesions or blisters that can appear on any part of the body. When touched, sores can cause quite a lot of pain. The area affected by it will be swollen, reddish and itchy. It may be hard to pinpoint what’s been causing these nasty uninvited guests to appear on the body. But by taking in consideration where it appears is a good start to figuring out what’s going on and how to put a stop to it. And one of the most uncomfortable parts of the body where sores can show up is in the nose.

Pictures of Sores inside Nose:

Nose sores can be such a hassle. They are painful, itchy and discomforting. Picking at them is also a bad idea for they are crusty and scaly. These sores can also cause bleeding inside the nose which is not a good sight for anyone. There could be a lot of reasons why sores in the nose happen. And written below, are some of them.

What Are The Causes Of Sore In The Nose?

The following are some of the most common reasons as to why people are suffering from nose sores:

  1. Allergy :
    Being exposed to things that you are allergic to can damage the sensitive skin inside your nose. Allergy on chemicals, certain scents and objects may cause nasal sores. Nasal sprays can also be bad for you because over time, the skin inside your nose may develop some sort of allergic reaction to the components present in the spray. And when that happens, the chance of acquiring nose sores goes incredibly high.
  2. Too Much ‘Nose Activity’
  3. Because of all the soft tissues and hefty amount of blood flow underneath the sensitive inner nose skin, picking your nose so much can cause damages that may lead to having these sores. Aside from that, frequently blowing your nose in a forceful manner can tear the soft tissues and irritate the inner nose’s skin which can also lead to the start of sores in your nose.
  4. Trimming / Pulling Of Nasal Hair
    Nose sores can also be acquired through trimming or pulling of nasal hair. Once the skin of the inner nose gets cut, an infection might take place and the sore will develop. The same thing must be remembered when it comes to pulling nasal hair.
  5. Lupus
  6. This is an auto-immune condition that attacks the immune system of the body, making it more vulnerable to a wide number of diseases. Lupus patients often suffer from skin bruises, bumps, hair loss and even sores in the mouth. Though rare, some patients have also reported having sores in their noses.
  7. Impetigo
    This skin condition is common among babies. It starts when the streptococcus bacteria latches on to the skin. It is characterized by sores all over the face and mouth. If the condition is severe, the sores can reach the insides of the nose. They will later on turn into blisters packed with nasty and sticky fluid within them.
  8. Dried Up Nose
    Another common reason as to why nose sores happen is dryness. It can not only happen due to dry air and hot weather. In fact, even indoor cooling devices such as air conditioner can dry up the lining and the skin of your nose. Dry skin can crack and when that happens, it can cause both sores and bleeding.
  9. Herpes
    Yes, you read that right. Herpes can also cause this condition. Pathogens from this viral infection may enter your nose through the air you inhaled. Once you noticed a cluster of red bumps then that is it.

How To Treat and Home Remedies?

Though nose sores are often present for only a couple of days, there have been cases where they lasted long. In that case, the most important thing you must remember when it comes to treating nose sores is to figure out what caused them. Also, if you’re suffering from recurring nasal sores then you should definitely see a doctor. Why? Because nasal sores is one of the primary symptoms of nasal cancer.

But if your case is not that severe and you’re looking for DIY or home remedies then keep on reading because some of them are written right below.

  • Don’t Pick Your Nose Too Much
    As previously mentioned, spending too much time picking the nose can cause unwanted damages on the soft and sensitive skin of the inner nose. It is advised to go gently when picking your nose.
  • Always Wash Your Hands And Keep Them Clean
    Picking the nose with a dirty hand can result into having nose sores. Prevent your nose from getting any sort of infection by always washing them and using alcohol or hand sanitizers.
  • Eat Types Of Food That Are Rich In Lysine
    This nutrient is known to fight infection. Make sure you’re packed up with Lysine by eating food such as Fish, Tomato, Cheese and etc.
  • Clean The Insides Of Your Nose
    Yes, picking is not enough. Once in a while, make sure that you’ll be able to rinse the insides of your nose with water to remove all the excess sticky substances that can cause infection.
  • Drink Enough Water
    One easy way to make sure that you skin stays clear and free from all sorts of dirt and bacteria is to drink lots of water every day.
  • Take It Easy On The Nasal Sprays
    Frequent use of nasal sprays can cause allergies that can then lead to having nasal sores. Lower your chances by not using nasal sprays on long term duration.

These are the important things you need to know about nasal sores. It is a condition that can be treated easily, you just have to know what caused it and have enough discipline to veer away from the things that can only do you harm.