Socilogy Comparing the Health Effects of Living in a Suburb vs Living in a City

City and suburban living, both come with their very own pros and cons in regards to health benefits. Neither is really better than the other depending on wants, needs, priorities and desires. The key word for choosing where you live is ‘compatibility.’ One must feel they fit in to benefit from either type of residential choice. When looking at city life, the health benefits are many. One can usually walk, catch a taxi or train to where they wish to go. This saves on energy wasting as far as saving the environment is concerned. Most places of interest are near at hand such as museums, parks, libraries, shops and so forth. 

This allows a person to make good use of their two feet and leave the car at home. Rather than have everything in one place such as all the shops one finds at the local mall, one will be walking up hill, down, zigzagging back and forth across pedestrian crossings, walking through parks for lunch, window shopping and so on. This has you exercising and keeping fit while you go about your business. When you add up how far you have walked one will certainly be surprised. This is by far healthier than heading to the mall and simply riding the escalators or lifts.

Unfortunately due to the higher population within cities, crime is usually much higher than in the suburbs. The drug dealers take full advantage of this and cruise the cities waiting to pounce on the vulnerable, the desperate and the insecure. There are more establishments which sell alcohol in the cities and this also adds to the downside of city living. Statistics state that there are more alcoholics living in cities than suburban areas. More robberies occur, more physical assaults and more road rage happens within the more populated city areas.

Within the city one has a hard time inhaling some fresh air, there is none. The air is thick with smog and the pollution is high. The noise is deafening as well. And those with bronchial problems do themselves no favours by living in the city. In fact, statistics state that the amount of people with bronchial ailments has almost tripled in the last ten years. More children suffer with asthma these days than ever before. In comparison, over in the suburbs couples sit outdoors beneath a haloed moon, inhaling the sweet aroma of pine tress while counting the stars above. One can walk over to their very own fruit trees which has not been sprayed with any toxic substances.

Back over in the city, a myriad of parents walk the floors wondering why their teenage children are not home as yet. Unfortunately their children are out driving in a stolen vehicle because of peer pressure. A few cases of beer sits in the back seat of the stolen car and their child is soon to become another road toll victim. But not all children will engage in this form of behaviour, many will be outdoors enjoying physical activities such as ten pin bowling, rollerblading, dancing, interacting in a mature manner with their young friends. Unfortunately many are meeting up at fast food stores on a frequent basis and fast becoming victims of the global obesity crisis.

Over in the suburbs children run around in larger backyards, getting all the fresh air, green grass and sunshine their little bodies need. But those who live in the suburbs will also be mowing lawns more often, using their cars more frequently to get to the stores, burning toxic rubbish in their back yards. Unfortunately many will be quite far from doctors, dentists and emergency services which can place their health at risk. Another downside to suburban living is the fact that children will be more prone to sit glued to computers all day because they are either isolated or have nothing else to keep them amused.

Within the city if one has an emergency or serious disease, they can easily find a hospital or medical practitioner. You can improve your knowledge and communication skills, learn about different cultures and find counselling services if needed for stress, depression, anxiety, marriage guidance and so forth, Your ADHD child is just a stone’s throw from all the help they may need. Pregnant women have lower concerns about dangerous home births, domestic violence victims are closer to legal assistance. You have more chances of developing your career in a city, this aids in keeping your stress levels down in this day with the global economic crisis in play.

Suburban people use their vehicles far more than city dwellers. This makes for a myriad of health problems, weight gain and poor posture. They become so dependent on their cars that pushbikes become rusty while the car becomes a vital necessity to many. Another downside to suburban living is the time involved in commuting. This leaves very little time for family interaction and healthy meal planning. Therefore one often pulls into a fast food store on the way home from work and feeds the family or themselves a load of sugar laden, fat drenched junk food.

Suburbs are better known for their large amount of space as well as safer atmosphere to raise children. You have a greater say in the laws of your community in regards to health matters, hygiene, schooling, emergency services and so forth. City or suburban living, both have advantages, both have disadvantages as far as your health and well being is concerned.