Snow in Scotland

How often has Scotland Experienced a White Christmas?

Growing up for me, I could not imagine Christmas not being white. Waking up Christmas morning looking out the window to see the snow glimmering like fresh cut diamonds covering the ground and the vision of the sun shinning through the tree branches that were covered in ice, made a wide variety of colors shine across the glimmering snow giving the diamonds the appearance that they were multicolored.  The best part knew that after all of the presents were opened and we were dressed, that we would emerge our selves in the freezing cold snow. But when you are kids, neither the coldness nor the brightness of the snow affected us in the way that it does when you get older.

Now that the years have passed, I still love the snow and love going out to play in it, even if it is only with my spouse, but eventually the neighbors children come out and join in the fun. It is a spectacle to see; the parents just shake their heads and laugh at us.

Scotland on the other hand, does not see snow very often. When they do, it is like a very special treat from the heaven for which the children go nuts. Scotland usually experiences a friendly green Christmas. The chance of Scotland having snow in any given year is about 1 in 6, or 20%. Since 1990, Scotland has only seen snow 3 years, which the last was in 2004. In 1993 and 1995 the only parts of Scotland that saw snow was in the north. The south was left out of the storm that covered the north. But in 2004, Scotland was hit by a cold front that covered Scotland. 

Not everyone in Scotland has experienced a white Christmas, an experience that a lot of them would like to see. Scotland mainly will get rain storms that cover most of the country, not making it a pretty sight.

Christmas would not be the same for me without snow, but I guess that if you have never experienced it, you are not really missing it. Seeing and playing in the snow is definitely an experience worth having and enjoying.

Even though Scotland does not get a chance to enjoy snow to much, the spirit of Christmas is still alive in well. There traditions that have been passed down from generation keep them going and enjoying the holiday season none the same.