Snakehead Fish

There are many truths and many myths about the Snakehead fish.   Hopefully this article will answer the question on whether or not these fish can really walk out of water.   There are many speculations about whether or not the fish can walk or live out of water.   These fish cannot walk on land despite the fact that many movies and television programs suggest it.   These fish can live out of water for up to four days if the land if moist however they cannot walk on land, they can only flop around in a general direction.

The next myth is that these fish can walk into our back yard and eat our pets or even young babies.   This is also a myth because it has been discovered that they cannot walk and if one was to get in your back yard they would simply not be big enough or fast enough to attack or kill your pets and children.   These fish can eat anything their own size or if it fits in their mouth.   These fish can become extremely dangerous when in their own territory (in water).   They can show extreme speed and power in water but once they are on land they simply do not have the speed or power to take down their prey.

In water these fish become very protective of their territory especially if they have their young in the water. Either the male or female will stay close to the young while the other circles from a short distance away surveying the area to ensure it is safe for the young ones.   This is a very effective method as there is always one of the adults close to the young and the other is close enough that if something were to happen then it would be right there.  

These fish have been labeled a higher risk than piranha.  The reason for their ban in the USA is because they have the potential to live in almost any water as long as they can get to the surface to breath and if their pond were to dry up they would be able to find another pond.   The other reason is that they have a high chance of wiping out the natural fish of the area.

The best thing to do if you come across one of these fish is to put it in ice as it will die from the cold.   Then you can cook up a good meal because these fish taste superb.