Slime Recipes

Excite and engage your students by telling them you are going to make slime in class. This seemingly gross, nasty product is loved by kids everywhere. It is fun to make and fun to play with, regardless of the recipe you choose. Try one; try them all, but do teach your kids how to make their own slime.

Slime recipe #1

Also called glop, recipe number one is the easiest. Tell your students that you are going to show them a magical trick. Hold the slime in your hands and let them see it melt. They will be excited to try and make their own. Heat your water in a microwave, making it warm, not hot. Add one-fourth cup of cornstarch with one-half cup of water. Add food coloring if you wish. Mix the substance with your hand until it is smooth. When you let it sit, it should become firm. When you squeeze it in your hand, it should become liquid and run through your fingers.

Slime recipe #2

This recipe includes borax, which can be found as Mule Team Borax in the laundry section of the store. Mix one-fourth cup of water with one-fourth cup of glue. Stir one and-one-half teaspoons of borax with one-half cup of water. Combine the two ingredients together, mixing them until they combine. As you work the solution with your hands, the excess water will evaporate and the stringiness of the solution should disappear. If not, adjust your recipe by adding more glue/water solution if it is too rubbery or more borax/water solution if it is too sticky.

Slime recipe #3

Mix four teaspoons of water with five teaspoons of white glue. Add one teaspoon of talcum powder to the mixture. In another container, mix one teaspoon of borax with one-half cup of water. Add two teaspoons of the borax and water to the glue solution. Knead the mixture with your hands, blending them together. Continue kneading until the solution becomes more elastic and less sticky. 

Recipe #4

This recipe is the most “scientific” when you consider the use of milliliters. Mix one hundred milliliters of distilled water to ten milliliters of rubbing alcohol. Add two milliliters boric acid powder to the solution. Add fifty milliliters of gel glue to thirty milliliters of your solution. In another container, mix two milliliters of borax with one hundred milliliters of water. Slowly add the borax solution to the first mixture, one teaspoon at a time. Stir constantly. Keep adding until the solution has a consistency similar to honey. 

Slime should be stored in a closed plastic bag. It will keep for a while but does tend to develop mold over time. Teach your children to check the bag before a new play session begins. Depending on the abilities of your kids, choose one of these fun recipes and make some slime today. Your kids will love it and you may find yourself having a good time too.