Side Effects of Extenze

The ExtenZe pill is not like Viagra though it contains an active ingredient in common and purportedly a few of the same effects.

ExtenZe is a “male enhancement product” and is reputed to be a natural dietary supplement, which enhances the size of male erections and can make them last longer as well as giving male users more intense orgasms. However, the main selling point of Extenze is increased erection size.

One of the main myths out there about Extenze is that since it contains only natural ingredients such as herbs and amino acids it therefore doesn’t have any side effects. You can guess who might be spreading this rumour. This is false both in simple interpretation of logic and in fact.

Plenty of things with only natural ingredients have side effects. If Extenze did not have side effects it would likely not have any kind of effect at all.

A lot of ExtenZe side effects are related to an active ingredient in it called Yohimbe. Some users have reported heightened agitation, anxiety, nausea and increased heart rates which could under some circumstances lead to palpitations.

Those men who are already susceptible to conditions such as these should, needless to say, proceed with some caution.

It is the opinion of many that Yohimbe, an active ingredient in ExtenZe pill should not be ingested by anyone with liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, or an acute psychological disorder. But your family doctor is the best one to consult on such concerns.

Another side effect of ExtenZe for some is feeling cheated. A number of men claim to have taken the recommended doses and seen absolutely no discernible difference. It does not work on every guy and whether the makers of the product suggest it will is open to some interpretation.

If you do an internet search with the words “ExtenZe scam” you will find a lot of websites both suggesting that it is scam and several refuting that it is scam. Do read both sides and draw your own best conclusion preferably with the advice of your physician.

It should be noted that side effects associated with surgery, weights and pumps which are also used as “male enhancement” products or procedures include impotence and the desired goal of increased size is generally temporary with some of these.

So you can take your pick of these different things or take your chances with what you have. Be aware that female genital size is not an insignificant factor in whether what you have is adequate or not and is unique to the woman you are intimate with.