Should Scientists Allowed Divert Hurricane Major City Dooming Rural – No

Not content with contaminating the land we occupy with Styrofoam coolers and Hummer H2’s. Unfulfilled with our slow extermination of sea creatures so as they may fill our bellies as part of a surf and turf platter. Dismayed at the lack of progress towards completely destroying our water supply. Searching for more answers towards the cloning of humans so we may discover the secrets of immortality, as seen through artificially created life. As the technology of this world is pushed further and further, much to the Earth’s detriment, the next realm to be dominated, it seems, will be the weather.

In man’s never ending quest for complete control over all the facilities of our lives, weather manipulation should come as no surprise for anyone. Ingrained into our human DNA reads a strand of genetic material that urges us for control. We, as humans, need control over everything. Ourselves, our environment, and other people’s lives. Nothing is left in the wake of our blind need to control. We especially take umbrage with situations or conditions causing us and our way of life problems. It is not our fault we’ve built our Applebee’s, Targets, Spencer’s and Walmarts in areas commonly affected by the effects of weather. Why is it we can’t do something about nasty hurricanes ripping the roofs off of our Pancake House? With talk about controlling the weather we scoff in Mother Nature’s face. We have taken the natural cycle of occurrences and, like everything else man gets his paws on, will manage to do more harm than good with it. Foregoing the responsibilities of our actions we choose to deny our blame in the aftermath of atmospheric disasters.

New Orleans is a wonderful city filled with culture, music, food, and enough excitement for a lifetime. New Orleans is also a city that sits elbow sea level in an area commonly suffering from Hurricanes. The disasters of Hurricane Rita and Katrina showed to our country the need for our citizens and our governments to immerse themselves in preparation and prevention. It did not show us to ignore the obvious geographic disadvantage New Orleans has placed itself in and figure how to move a hurricane out to sea. Allowing scientists to control weather, like a devastating hurricane, cleanses any form of responsibility from those who should be the most responsible. One less item on our list as our lives creep ever closer to being completely controlled by someone other than us.

We have to remember the Earth is a precision bio-machine with processes and facilities going on. We have to understand these processes and facilities need to take place for the survival of the planet. Earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes, ice ages, tidal waves, fires, all go towards the greater good of the planet. All we are able to ascertain from the initial destruction is the our KFC was destroyed. If we had not pinched every last square inch of soil for our homes and shopping centers, some of these natural disasters would just be considered natural. The Earth is similar to the human body in that they both have their systems essential for the optimum running of each. We know what happens when we try to control our bodies, they fight back. For a little, we can fool the body. For a little we are able to manipulate the body and yet the body will always find a way to set it’s systems back in line and kick our interfering hands out. Have we not seen this of the Earth? Especially after the past years with tidal waves, earthquakes, and hurricanes?

Our need for control will never stop. It will never end. Soon if our weather will be controlled by someone other than Mother Nature what comes next to fall to the eternally meddlesome hands of man? Why is it that we even live in open air? Why not have everyone jump into containment bubbles perfectly run and controlled for us? Why not have a scientist control our lungs so as we do not put out too much CO2 into the atmosphere. Why are we living at all why not let someone do it for us? This world has to stop with the notion that somehow we’ll all get out of this alive. Death is apart of life. If we choose to lay foundations and build up our land with skyscrapers and fast food chains then we choose to have them built around nature and all of nature’s workings. We should stop being so concerned with controlling the weather and just live our lives. Just let yourself run your own course. Halt the need, pushed onto us by spin doctors, politicians, the news, and scientists looking for an extension on their grants, for everything in our lives to be dictated by others. We are making big mistakes with our ways of life. By interrupting the flow of nature we are walking a fine line. Let nature run it’s course now because if we don’t who knows when nature will grab those reins back and take control for herself?