Serial Killer

The Greatest Crime Never Committed

I know that no one here wants to hear me speak; I can only hope that they have an open ear to what I have to say. Most people lust for the attractive opposite sex or have a strong uncontrollable desire for chocolate. This was my chocolate. This was what gave me the warm feeling in the pit of my soul. Is it my fault that I was born different? Deny someone the comfort of being held in a loved ones arms. Deny someone the ability to do what makes them whole. This is what they are doing to me. My comfort, my true being, I was fulfilling my happiness regardless of what you think. I’ve always know that I was different. Only when I accepted what I truly was, did I change. I needed to accept myself for who I am, for what I am. This is me and it will always be me. There is no program or procedure that can change the soul. Accept me for what I am or do with me what you must. I pray that you be forgiven for judging me on a scale that is not yours to understand.

This is just the beginning of a book that I wrote. It is a psychological look at how a Serial Killer thinks and how they come to be. The book starts with the Serial Killer in court when he is allowed to speak. Common traits that a Serial Killer has which are not talked about are; They are mimics- in that they mimic common personalities that they believe is the norm. The strong influential common sense that a Serial Killer has allows them to mimic personalities to the extreme of doing it for life. Their entire life can be one false reality to cover who they are. The only person that knows what a serial killer’s real personality is, is them. Serial Killers are good role models. Often Serial Killers feel superior to the regular human and they take pride in reaching goals that regular people want to achieve. The more that a Serial Killers social group looks up to them, the more that the Serial Killer wants to help others.

A Serial Killer has high intelligence which leads to them doing extremely well in the beginning of school. When they get bored with school, around middle school, their grades take a dive. They spend most of their adolescence bathing in the inequalities that have been placed upon them. Only after the have chosen a life goal will they jump back into reality. They are intelligent enough to jump right back in to the swing of thinks and catch up. When they have reached their goal or their goal has been taken from them, their focus will shift and that is when they are a threat to society. I call it the bent fork theory. There is a fork in the road where one side is what they have been planning for and the other is bent and unexpected. If the life of serial killer goes on the bent side they are impulsive, angry and get caught for their lack of emotional stability. If the life of a Serial Killer goes on the planed side they are in control of their emotions and are able to use their intelligence to fulfill their chocolate cravings. These Killers are the biggest threat to society. They are in control, intelligent, and can manipulate almost anyone.