Seasons in Thailand

Every country has different seasons that their year is broken up into.  Thailand is very unique in that it has three seasons and they don’t seem to differ much in the temperature, but the rainfall amount varies quite a bit in those three seasons.

The hot season in Thailand usually runs from March until June.  Temperatures can range from thirty Celsius to forty Celsius and some parts of Thailand have seen hotter.  The hot season in Thailand has some rain, but mostly just very hot, humid weather that requires a lot of water drinking and showering often.  In the middle of hot season, Thailand celebrates Song Kran, which basically entails people throwing water and powder all over each other as a sign of good luck.  The water actually feels good because the middle of April when this is celebrated is probably the hottest time in Thailand all year.  Hot season is very hot and can be dangerous at some points.

Rainy season usually goes from July until November.  When Thai people say rainy season that means that it rains nearly every day.  Sometimes, the rain just pours and sometimes, it is a short drizzle.  Whatever the case may be, rainy season will see rain at least five days a week every week for three or four months.  The temperatures are still hot during this time of year, ranging from twenty nine until thirty five, but the rain gives a cooler feeling.

Cool season ranges from November until February!  The coolest it may get in Thailand is twenty Celsius, and that is rare except in the north.  The average is between twenty five to thirty and for a Thai person, this is very cold.  You can drive around in the morning or at night and see bonfires lit and if you are not Thai, this will seem extremely strange.  Cool season is a delightful time of the year and there is very little rain if any at all.

The weather in Thailand is pretty much always hot and humid, but there are some delightful times of the year when Thailand is absolutely perfect!  The obvious thing to remember is that the north of Thailand gets a little colder than normal and the south of Thailand gets a little hotter than normal.  Actually, the west of Thailand may be the hottest part.  Carry an umbrella, and a bottle of water and everything can be comfortable no matter what season you are in.