Scientific Explantations for Hair Loss

If you look in the mirror and find yourself losing more and more hair every single day, then you’re not alone. Many people experience hair loss as they get older, but the reasons for it vary from person to person. Advances in science and technology have allowed discovery of the anwers to the many questions asked about the human body, so fortunately, the hair loss situation no longer remains a mystery. 

Scientists have discovered several possible explanations for hair loss. One of the most common causes for it is genetics, so if you know that hair loss runs in your family, be warned – you’re at a very high risk for it, too. Stress can also play a big role in the health of hair, as too much of it can easily lead to hair falling out. Stress also disrupts a person’s hormones, which is definitely another reason for hair loss. An overactive or underactive thyroid is also very problematic to hair, as is an imbalance in a woman’s estrogen or a man’s androgen levels. Additionally, women who are pregnant or giving birth may also experience hair loss, as their hormones are pretty much out of whack at this time. 

Malnutrition can also make hair fall out. Many women go on diets, and while this may help lose weight, it may be the reason for some serious hair loss. Hair needs many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to grow, and being deprived of those things will cause hair cells to die. Many medicines and drugs can also lead to hair loss, such as those used to treat cancer patients in chemotherapy. However, if the disease, like cancer, is life-threatening, then the body’s health obviously has to be put before hair health. 

There are some illnesses, like a constant high fever or typhoid, that can actually cause hair loss, and some diseases, like diabetes, that can lead to it. Putting a lot of stress on your hair, such as by tying it in a tight ponytail or bun all the time, can cause “traction alopecia,” which is another reason for hair loss. Hair may also fall out because of the harmful chemicals found in some shampoos, or because of straightening it through gels and other substances. Also, if the water supplied in your house is chemically treated, then it may also lead to hair loss.