Scientific Experiment

A scientific experiment is defined as a method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement and experiment, and the formulation, testing and modification of hypotheses. Simply put a scientific experiment follows a five step process that through using will assist you in coming to the correct conclusion. (Webster’s Dictionary)

The first step of the scientific experimental method is to have a question or in other terms a problem.  Once you have the question the next logical step would be to find an answer right? Yes, but with this method there’s a process to follow in order to be correct with your answers.  You may come up with one or many theoretical answers to your problem and this second step is to do further research on all those possibilities.  This second step is the researching step or observation step can, in a way, be looked at as questioning your question or at least questioning the answer possibilities. Once you’ve observed every angle of the question and once you’ve examined your possible answers more closely you will find that list of possible answers will begin to shorten through process of elimination.

Step three is the hypothesis step which means that you have arrived at a point where you have an idea of what the answer may be or maybe you have several ideas of what that answer could be. This is where you theorize how these answers could possibly work in the answering of your question. Once you’ve weeded out possibilities that no longer fit when put into theory you can move on to step four. Step four is the experimentation step, where we will again weed out possibilities that fail the experiments, making our list shorter still. In theory when using the scientific experiment five step method you should be left with only answers that will in some way, shape, or form be a definite answer to your original question.

The fifth and final step of the process would be the conclusion, this is where you will take everything you have learned about, the facts that you have researched thoroughly, and the experiments you have done on the subject so that you will be able to prove your theory or theories. You have used all your resources and tools of the scientific experimental process and feel confident in your claim, without doubt, that you have arrived at the only possible correct answer or answers.