River Flooding and Management Issues in the UK

The United Kingdom is no stranger to flooding. In fact there is much being done to manage river flooding in the UK due to it risking up to 5 million UK citizens lifestyles. With damages annually amounting to an estimated £800 million, much needs to be done to keep this problem under control. There has been recent flooding in the UK, which has come to the attention of many people who hope to manage the situation effectively and efficiently.

Regular flooding is risking great damage in the UK, especially for those living near rivers and coastal areas.  According to econet.org.uk, ‘Rain is the most important factor in flooding.’ As well as rain being a major issue for those living in the UK, climate change is also predicted to dramatically increase flooding as time progresses. Other possible causes are alterations to river channels, unnecessary building on floodplains, changes in rainfall patterns and differences in land and agricultural management practice.

Management issues are now being put into place to minimize these risks in any possible way. Due to river flooding being a natural process it is often unavoidable, but there are things that can be considered to prevent river flooding in the UK. In the year 1953 there were a devastating 300 lives lost due to river flooding and £5 billion worth of damages as a result of coastal flooding. Although there have not been as many tragic cases recorded in recent times, the problem of flooding still occurs.

River flooding is now being managed through a variety of ways. The UK government has certain policies on flooding and discoveries on how to reduce the risks caused by river flooding to people, the environment and properties. This is proving to deliver significant and on-going changes through the encouragement of using appropriate and cost-effective flood warning systems, the discouragement of inadequate building and development in areas at risk of flooding and also through using economically and environmentally sound flood defence measures.

Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England are all covered by management issues regarding flooding. Plans are being set out to provide relevant warnings and organising emergency exercises for if river or coastal flooding may occur. The development of a national database with inspections of flood risk assessments and flood defences is also assisting in reducing flood possibilities. Along with regular reports of flood risk areas, it is possible that these management issues will make a big difference to the risk of floods throughout the UK.