Report new Evidence Suggests Space Rocks Seeded Life on Earth

The secret of life on Earth has been long debated, but new evidence from scientists suggests that we could be one step closer to learning the answers to the previously unanswerable – how life began, a report from “National Geographic” has stated.

Meteorites are a frequent sight in the world, a regular occurrence that astronomers and casual awe-seekers enjoy viewing on a regular basis as the super-heated rocks power through space at an ungodly speed. However, one specific case of meteorites wasn’t expected and caught scientists off guard when it landed in the Sudanese desert in 2008. Studies from this specific meteorite came with some awe-inspiring results. A similar report from “Fox News” shows a peculiar photo of the strange “X” shape of the meteorite’s trail.

Amino acids are the ingredients to life. They are one of the main fundamentals that forms the human body. The meteorite which came from outer space obviously came from a place where life has long been suspected to exist but with no thorough evidence to prove or deny. However, upon studying this meteorite, scientists found amino acids in its core. This new evidence suggests that life on earth could have been seeded by these peculiar and mystical space rocks.

Scientists were already aware that meteorites, comets and asteroids contained amino acids when travelling through space as well as when naturally cooled down by water, but this occurrence is the first time in history that they have been cracked open and heated to high temperatures naturally by human hands to see the substance form. This discovery obviously adds new substance to the theory that life on earth could have initially spawned from outer space.

Throughout the years, there have been two main theories in regards to life o earth. Both are controversial. The most prominent one in history is that of an omnipotent force, or God, creating the earth and creating life on the planet. This theory is mostly popularized by the bible and preached by religious people. The second is “the big bang theory” which involves the idea that a huge explosion in outer space caused life to form. Both of these theories are currently in the midst of being counteracted by the idea that has stemmed from this specific find

The world may be one step closer from learning the origins of its creation thanks to the constant furthering and findings of the sciences. Could life on earth actually have stemmed from the amino acids formed by these super heated space rocks as they land on the unsuspecting planet?