Religious Committment an Analysis

People tend to be very committed to the religions that they follow. Why is this? Why do people feel so committed to the god that they follow, or to whatever they happen to worship? I think the reasons for religious committment are pretty vast, as almost anything in life usually is. There are reasons why we find it so hard to accept losing our faith, or being forced to believe in another god by force. But what exactly makes us fight for our faith with such a vigor?

When you really look at it, people of all faiths usually beleive in the same things. They beleive that someone long ago set up the rules, and that one day the world will wind up in peace. Actually, if you read the major religious texts of the world, they all forecast something happening in our future, probably with our end ending. Whether that is literal or not remains to be seen, but it goes to show that all relgions generally hone in on the same message. Despite this we cling to our one group as the real relgiion of the world.

I believe the zealous clinging of faith has to do with indoctrination more than anything else. Do you think God really cares if you are a Jew or a Christian? Does He care if you are a Buddhist, or a Hindu? It is possible, but I think it is more that we are scared of not going to heaven if we don’t all beleive in the same thing. Funny thing is though that our faith is something that belongs to us on the inside, and isn’t supposed to be told to us.

It is good though that people are willing to die for their faith in theory. We all need something that we can believe in so strongly that we will die for it. Why though do we need to kill others in that quest to find our faith? Why do we need to force people to believe what we do? Is there something that bad that is going to happen to us if someone else believes something different than us? I thought God only cared what we did, and not what others did.

Apparently we all find the need to spread the word about God, and that is the only one we will worship. I am all for advocating your faith, but what if I don’t want it? Do you kill me for not wanting fries with my burger? What if the Bible said that I will go to Hell for not ordering fries with my burger? Would you kill me even if you were secure knowing you followed the orders of God? That is the one aspect of religion I will never understand.

People love thier faith, and I get that. I respect that people are willing to go all out to protect the faith. I just wish people wouldn’t get so riled up if I don’t feel the faith, or if I don’t feel like believing what you do. It is really all a matter of opinion, but some people feel as if they are the gate keeper of faith. Only God can do that, but you would never know that from seeing events in the world today.