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REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY, Winstom Salem, N. C.. This is an article you do not want to miss! NEWSWEEK, May 19, 2008, by ANNE UNDERWOOD. (Go to Newsweek, type in regenerative medicine and the article will come up, (id/136309) It is SURREAL! While the experiments are being made on animals, the possibilities that it will work on humans seem hopeful.

Our family knew a little about regenerative medicine from the news but we became more knowledgeable and excited about it when a relative came to visit us again before starting his research in Wake Forest University. He is a young surgeon from ITALY and is doing research there with about one hundred and fifty other researches from all over the world. This was the opportunity he was waiting for and is totally excited by it. His words were that the experience is far more than he could imagine and appreciates so much the United States to give him such an opportunity. He is also grateful to the EUROPEAN UNION for being one of the reasearchers chosen.

Those of us who knew him were not surprised that he received such a fellowship since we’ve seen him grow up and amazed by his intelligence, academic achievement, and career achievement. He has been offered many prestigious fellowships throughout the world as well as in the United States. This one he was going to accept for sure and he did. The driving force in him is his GOODNESS AND LOVE FOR HUMANITY and through this research he can help millions of people in future generations.

This young Italian Surgeon absolutely LOVES THE UNITED STATES. He was intrigued by our country since he began to speak. He came from an extremely well educated family in Italy and who had relatives and friends from the US who visited the family. His uncles from the US and cousins stayed in their house and America was part of daily converstation for him. The cousins were his age and some stayed in their house so he grew up sith Americans.

In Junior High he told his parents that he wanted to do his university studies in America but the parents would not allow it. On the other hand he was able to visit America for several months when he was seventeen. That was when he FELL LOVE WITH AMERICA and returned many times for vacation and medical conferences.

The MILITARY is backing this research in regenerative medicine. So is the CLEVELAND CLINIC, UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH, AND RUTGERS. So are 24 other institutions! ATALA is the Director at Wake Forest University Research on Regenerative Medicine which will redifine Army and Military Medicine and transform Civilian Medicine. In April, 85 million dollars were used of government funds well spent to create the ARMED FORCES INSTITUTE OF REGENERATIVE MEDICINE (AFIRM).

This is a “WAR ON WOUNDS” best described by the author of the article, Anne Underwood. It is a war we all want to WIN since most people would gain if they needed new skin, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, nerves, and who knows what else as the research progresses. There is the potential of these organs functioning like the real organs and not being artificial: hearts, bladders, kidneys.

Many soldiers experience terrible burns and in two weeks, the cells can grow into functional cells and look natural. Many soldiers who are so severely burned have committed suicide but there is hope for others.

Underwood points out how WAR ACCELL MEDICAL RESEARCH. In WWI the methods of collecting and PRESERVING BLOOD FOR TRANSFUSIONS were perfected. In WWII there was the discovery of PENICILLIN. IRAK AND AFGHANISTAN will be remembered for REGENARATIVE MEDICINE.

Humanity knows that the need for this research is ENORMOUS as Ms. Underwood points out in the article and how good it is to see researchers gathered all together in America to work together to help all in our world. AMERICA HAS BEEN A CHAMPION IN THE WORLD IN RESEARCH, IS NOW, AND WILL BE IN THE FUTURE. Our young Italian Surgeon keeps telling us that!