Reflections on Nasas Space Program Launching Forward after the Endeavours

Nasa has successfully done it again! Despite Unsubstantiated rumors of previous crews having flown Shuttle Missions while Intoxicated, Despite damage to tiles on the belly of the Ship, suffered in its trip into orbit, despite having to return to earth early, amid the threat of Hurricane “Dean”, The First Educator in Space, Barbara Morgan and the Crew of Space Shuttle Endeavour, on Mission STS-118, Successfully completed their mission to deliver another Module to the International Space Station,with a safe landing on Tuesday, August 21st, just after 12pm-Central Time. I had the Privilige of Watching it Live, on CNN While I was at work that day, and what a Thrill it was, to watch the ship bring her Precious Cargo, in Ms. Morgan and Crew Safely home! After the Unfortunate Tragedies of 2 other Previous Shuttle Missions, beginning with Shuttle Challenger, carrying Educator Christa Mcauliffe, what a Joy and Triumph this was for not just Endeavour’s Crew, not just Nasa, or the United States, but for The World!

And, Nasa already has several more Shuttle Missions Scheduled (see, starting with STS-120-The 23rd Mission to the International Space Station-set to Launch from the Florida Coast, October 23rd, 2007-at 10:30am Central Time. (They always show Eastern Times, but It’s my article, and I live in Central Time). It will deliver the U.S.-Node 2 Harmony Module. On December 6th, 2007-STS-122 Will Launch, to deliver the Columbus European Laboratory to the ISS.

Going into next year’s calendar-on February 14th, 2008-STS-123-Has Shuttle Endeavour delivering the Pressurized Section of the Kibo Japanese Experimental Module. On April 24th, 2008-Shuttle Discovery on STS-124-will transport the main Module of the Kibo Japanese Experiment, and the Japanese Remote Manipulator System. I am looking into making going to watch this Launch, be part of my Familiy’s 2008 Vacation plans, and certainly hope we can make it a reality. On September 10th, 2008-Shuttle Atlantis will launch on STS-125,on the Fifth and Final Servicing Mission to the Hubble Space Telescope,updating its technology through 2013.

Congratulations to Nasa and the Endeavour’s crew on the success of this Month’s Mission,and we look forward, in anxious anticipation of exciting Voyages,in the coming years-the hopes and prayers of the world,will be launched with you, each time the orbiter leaves the Lauch-Pad!