Recent Nanotechnology Advances the Science of the Small

Recent Nanotechnology Advances –  The Science of the Small

Old Science Fiction movies had everything giant, giant creature attacking from outers-pace, giant supercomputers to handle complex equations; everything was giant sized.  By now most scientists realize the real future of all science is small.  That is what Nanotechnology is in its most basic form; the “Science of the Small.”

♦  What is Nanotechnology.

A lot of Nano-technology still is science fiction.  It is the idea of incredibly small machines being created and programmed to do things. Some of this is still science fiction.  But some of it is not.

A Nano meter is 1 billionth of a meter.  That is small. To put it in perspective the VERY smallest form of life is bacteria.  The VERY smallest form of bacteria is over 200 times larger than the Nanometer.  The science of Nanotech is taking these small particles and making functional units out of them.  Think of switches.  Most of computing is switches.  It is a series of “on’s” and “off’s “ or ones and zeros that is called binary.  Our computer processors are small.  They pack a lot of processing into a very tiny area, taking the idea further into the realm of nanotechnology switching and our current processors will seem HUGE and clunky in comparison.

♦  Memory Capacity

The first recent nanotechnology discovery is one found by researchers from Australia.  They have created a memory that utilizing an iron rod moving back and forth in a nanotube.  This memory should have the capacity to create a next generation leap forward in DVDs .  These new disks will hold up to 10,000 times the amount of data as a current standard DVD.  That amount of storage on a disk, simply boggles the mind.

♦  The Nanotube

The nanotube was referenced in the above example.  But that is also a new discovery.  A Nanotube is a recent nanotech creation that will revolutionize ALL computing in the years to come.  It is incredibly small and incredibly nearly as small as diamonds.   To give a concrete example of how small a nanotube is, imagine that a nanotube is 1 inch tall, to keep the scale a single human hair would be nearly 1 mile long.  This incredibly small and incredible thin tube has many possible uses as the technology develops.  Computing is the obvious application.  Imagine computers that can be scaled down 50,000 times.  A tiny laptop will literally blow away a series of supercomputers working in parallel.

♦  Nanomaterials

Many Nanoparticles have been and continue to be discovered.  Recent Nanotechnology advances in this field have been stunning.   Just a few of the materials have many possible applications.  Just a few are. Solar cells that create far more energy output per square centimeter.  This tech can also be applied to displays and imaging for clearer pictures.

♦  Biological

Just in case you think the only applications are in the world of computing and incredible miniaturization of mechanics.  An Organic protein has already been developed.  Tailored DNA is being worked on. 

♦  The Future of Nanotech

Recent Nanotechnology Advances are amazing, but many of these do not hold a candle to applications for the future.  Once Nanotech was a dream; people thought the idea was sound and dreamed up what could be done with it, “someday”.  Now humanity is at the point that the very start of “someday” is here.  We stand on the precipice of greatly extended life, cures for all diseases and much more incredible seeming advances.  Scientists are like the Wright brothers.  The “NanoTech Plane” has flown from the shores of Kitty Hawk.  We Look to the future and can see the future “jets and intercontinental flights” of Nanotechnology.  We know we CAN get there.  We just now have to do it.  The future of Nanotech is here…but more is coming.