Recent Innovative Entrepreneurial Projects of Merit

A true entrepreneur has an ongoing challenge, as well as an opportunity to bring something new and different to light. In reality, that is what many entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds are doing, all around the world.

Every project of entrepreneurial merit has to begin somewhere. An entrepreneur starting out on his or her own with a new entrepreneurial project is often at a distinct disadvantage.   

Consider this relatively recent challenge from New York University, with its entrepreneurial spirit, front and foremost.     

“Are you undeterred by reports of a jobless recovery or economic meltdown? Do you harbor a nagging sense that now’s the perfect time to finally get that idea you’ve been kicking around off the ground?

It took an entrepreneur to initiate this venture of presenting a challenge to entrepreneurs at New York University, in 2011. This particular entrepreneurial project is a “$200K Entrepreneurs Challenge, the premier platform for identifying, nurturing and showcasing emerging entrepreneurs at NYU”.

One of the advantages to initiating new entrepreneurial projects through an academic institution has to do with the potential for entrepreneurial guidance for students and possible future development funding.  

Said Business School at the University of Oxford offers this entrepreneurial challenge, which is business oriented in terms of being an entrepreneurial project in itself.

“Working in teams, students can undertake an eight-week consulting project for a corporate sponsor. Projects take place all over the world and for all kinds of companies.”

Both of these projects have merit in that as entrepreneurial projects in themselves, they continue to promote new entrepreneurs who will also initiate new projects. This is not to suggest that individuals cannot initiate entrepreneurial projects and succeed on their own, as this is always a possibility.

Consider this example. recently published and article entitled, “Lego space man puts the spotlight on Toronto teens” wherein two students working on a project for a science fair, “Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, both 17, launched a balloon 80,000 feet above the Earth with a Lego passenger and four cameras to document the trip.”

The human mind is ingenious in terms of its entrepreneurship potential and thus, entrepreneurs of all ages who are proactively motivated, have the opportunity to develop new ideas and bring them into fulfillment. It used to be said “the sky is the limit”, but now perhaps it might be suggested, “outer space is the limit”.

In reality, entrepreneurial projects of merit have no limits. There will always be new entrepreneurial challenges of merit for anyone open to the possibility.