Reacting to Scientific Advances

How to react to scientific advances that are morally wrong

Overly reacting to science and its quirkiness is questionable at best, but sometimes it is so far out, protesters must protest.  Hopefully, the world  will learn to wait and see without getting too involved for or against.  Scientist should stop using sheep for genetic purposes as this clearly creates  unrealistic expectations. What then can moral humans do but over-react to some of the weird happenings going on in so called scientific places?

My sympathies are with the sheep. Take it easy guys, we are not very intelligent creatures, but every since Mary was followed Mary to school the world of the future has been lax in doing their  homework. They’d rather play.. Doesn’t science have enough to do to go after hidden truths and other things that can straighten out mankind than by occupying itself with frivolity and wool gathering notions?

This article is being done out of sympathy for the poor little lambs that cannot talk for themselves. While it is true most people over-react to scientific advances out of fear and were they to better understand they would probably agree, they are over-reacting. There is far too much testing of frivolous concerns of this and that, and not enough testing of drugs, as one example, before they are pronounced to be safe.

Why waste good time and money on frivolous science when there are some illnesses and diseases out there hardly being considered. This is so because there is no one standing on soap boxes demanding something being done.Still, there is a great deal of sense in not over-reacting to what is nothing more than sensationalism. Take, for instance, the stem cell debacle. Over-reaction was the order of the. Now a few years down the road the problem seems to be working itself out to the satisfaction of everyone.

No life should be given for the cause of another. That is just common sense, but what if part of what one person is no longer using can be made viable and active, what’s the harm there. Truthfully, I believe that a lot of the over-reacting is done out of hatred. One group trying to get the goat of another.

While this article in itself does not have a great deal to say for itself in the way of credibility, consisting as it does with a lot of mumbo jumbo about little lost sheep, but it does have one very positive thing to say, and that is don’t take to heart every little concern you hear about. If however, that one little concern keeps repeating itself and you now understand that it is real, then, and only then can you give it some of your precious time.

Time is indeed precious and we don’t like to waste any of it. When we devote too much of it to concerns that are nothing but another’s weird notions being given time and space, we rob ourselves of what we might have used our time for had we been a serious searcher for the truth. Sheep cloning is definitely a black mark on science.