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Who are you? How can you get in touch with your deepest self? Breathe deep. Now, slowly exhale. Mantra! Mantra! Mantra! Feel your limbs begin to tingle as you gently sway your head to and fro. Release the tension in your shoulders; let it flow down your spine and far, far away from you. Allow the pictures of your mind, buried deep beneath your subconscious to surface. Embrace your past, and decrease the intensity of it. You are a child of the universe, born to do great things that only you can do.

Yes! You are a child of the universe all right! You were born to live and leave your impression on the world. You were also born to sleep, eat, exercise and work like everybody else. Perhaps getting in touch with your deepest self isn’t about releasing anything at all. Maybe it is about increasing positive energy through the power of living. Isn’t it possible that you can get in touch with your deepest self by riding on a rip roaring roller coaster and screaming your guts out?

Now that’s what I’m talking about! You don’t need to hide behind the false facade of heavy breathing and mirrors of yesterday to find out who you really are. In fact, the opposite could genuinely be closer to the truth. Maybe your true self is the one you’re trying to bury beneath all those smoke and mirrors. You’re looking for someone who isn’t really there by pretending to be someone you couldn’t possibly be if you wanted to. We simply weren’t meant to zone out and become numb to our surroundings.

By coming to terms with everything that made who you really are, including all things pertaining to your past and present, you will automatically get in touch with your deepest self. By living life on the edge, not all the time, but once in a while, you will confront fears you may not have known were ever there. By working with your hands, you will release pent up frustrations. By conversing with others, you will open your mind to new ideas and opinions. By praying you will learn to love even when you don’t feel loved.

Living life is how you get in touch with your deepest self, not escaping from life in some self-help group meditation. That’s not to question the value of meditation. Not at all! But most of us meditate everyday without even realizing it. I believe the common term for it is daydreaming, or reflection. We seek the peace we need quite naturally, and when we embrace life as it is right here and right now, we are instinctively getting in touch with our deepest selves.