Pros of Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering, right or wrong, ethical or playing god? Why is this final leap forward hard for some people. If taken the correct procautions, it will only help us evolve further and help better our lives. If you could make people live 10 or 100 years longer? Is it ethical to let them die earlier? Genetic Engineering offers a doorway to help us become better and more technilogically advanced. Although it could eventually lead to a bottlenecking of individuality, it is highly improbable. Although you are creating a “petri dish” baby all your doing is giving it specific physical and mental traits. How the baby changes to an adult determines specific character traits, although genetics could make them prone to acting one way, the envirement is often overlooked in an important factor on behavioral characteristics. Therefore, although you advance by creating more intelligent, strong, and for the vain, beatiful, it wouldn’t affect the individual’s brain or developement in a way that would create a significant bottleneck effect.

Along with the harvesting of proteins done on animals etc. that many animal rights activists are worried about; if they live the same life on a farm or lab, get slaughtered and the proteins harvested along with the meat sold at market. What’s unethical about that? They live the same life except they provide an extra resource that further benefits not only individuals, but mankind as a whole as genetic engineering for bigger mental capacity would jumpstart the already exponentially growing technological field kicking it into overdrive by allowing single people to handle more complex tasks, thereby increasing the overall net product derived from the technological research field.

Sry for the small rant, but Genetic Engineering or playing God as some have put it, can only help us for the future as it only raises the capacity of what the human body is capable of achieving. If we created the future generation with perfect vision, not only does it eliminate some if not all of the need for eyewear, it allows that money to be spent in other ways, thereby helping the economy. We could create supersoldiers, thereby saving more lives by forcing less civilians into a war and minimizing casualties. These are just some examples of what is possible, and some people might now be saying, “If you only super-size one attribute it limits the jobs available that they can succeed in.” Yes, this is true if you only super-size one attribute, which may be the only economical way to genetically modify; but, if you enhanced all of the attributes, what’s stopping the person from going into any field they wish? They’re own preferance in what job they enjoy enough that they want to work in.

Genetic Engineering is the evolution of man on steroids… it can bring wonders to every aspect of human life as we know it today or any near point in the future. It is the controllable pandora’s box that will allow even the seemingly impossible to become part of everyday life.