Primordial Soup Support Bible Theories – Yes

The primordial soup consist of gas methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water. After some chemical reaction which happening because of lightning and intense UV radiation that chemical compound becomes an amino acid. After that there is a missing link to make amino acid become proteins and nucleic acid, which scientist only predict what happening in that missing link. The conditional to make chemical compound in first sentence become an amino acid is when the atmosphere at the ancient time lack of oxygen, so the oxygen doesn’t disrupt the chemical reaction between that compound, but prokaryotes provide oxygen to atmosphere and it’s make the process doesn’t happening in present time.

Prokaryotes especially like plant produce oxygen. This prokaryotes come from a fossil 3,5 billion years ago, stromatolite(from the greek stroma, bed, and lithos, rock) produce a layer in its surface that we know as photosintetic prokaryotes, this prokaryotes very special because they can provide an oxygen through a photosintetic process which use a carbon dioxide as their substances, carbon dioxide very abundant in the atmosphere because of volcanic eruption in the past provide many gasses not only gasses to make primordial soup.

The point we must concern about some short description about primordial soup theory is

1. This theory say before human like bible told us to control everything that has a life in this earth, there are prokaryotes that add oxygen so the living thing (heterotoph) can do their activities until now, and bible doesn’t say anything about prokaryotes in the seventh day of creation. So this theory can support the bible in the beginning of earth and existence of living things.

2. The ancient greeks on the past believe that biotic can come from an abiotic (spontaneous theory), but this theory isn’t true because in 1600s louis pasteur can prove his theory that biotic come from biotic with his experiments. In the second paragraph there are definition about living things like prokaryotes come from a non-living things, stromatolite stone, there are two answers in my opinion. First God do that and He doesn’t write about creation of prokaryotes, second there are some chemical reaction that happening to make stromatolite produce a photosynthetic prokaryotes.

3. There are three theories that scientists predict to answer the missing link. First is abiotic synthesis of macromolecules, polymers synthesized by dehydration reaction that make monomers become a long chain of polymers. Second is formation of protobiosis, the molecules that created by abiotic protected by a membrane called a protobiont. Last is self-replicating RNA, the idea is first genes were short RNA that can make themselves replicate without protein and the experiment in the laboratory support this hypothesis.

From three points of view above, we can make conclusion that the theory of primordial soup is possible and God helped to make this process happen, but the detail isn’t write in His bible.

Source :

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