Predators in the Food Chain

Predators play an important role in the food chain. Without them herbivores would die. Predators are carnivores and eat meat. There are predators in almost every place on earth. People are the biggest predators on earth. We are capable of taking any animal on earth. We kill more animals than any other predator anywhere.

                The predators’ role in the food chain is to keep the herbivores in check, and make sure they don’t over populate. If there were no predators any where there would be too many herbivores. In more urban areas and around large cities more herbivores mean more animals would be getting hit by cars and trucks, which would raise the death toll in car accidents. It would also raise insurance rates with everybody smashing bumpers hitting large animals. The streets would stink of road kill with all the dead animals lying on the side of the road. Two other thing that would happen when the herbivores over populate is they would eat all the food and starve to death, not many people like to drive in the county and see a starving deer that is nothing but skin and bones, and disease would be all over. When this happens many species may go extinct. Disease would affect people to; people may catch many of the diseases. Some diseases caused by animals can be very dangerous, like blue bonic plague in Europe, caused by rats, and Ebola in Africa, caused by some species of bugs and monkeys. These diseases are very dangerous, when blue bonic plague hit Europe in the dark ages over one third of the population was killed, and when Ebola hit Kitwit in Africa it killed 200 people, there is no cure for this disease.   When animals over populate an area their worst enemy is the same species because they will have to compete for food and shelter, animals that are weak will die first. When an area becomes over it really is survival of the fittest, and it’s hard to be fit when there is little to no food.

                Predators play an important role because without them many species of herbivores would go extinct. That’s why predators are important to the food chain. Without them there might not be a food chain. Predators are and will always be an important part of the food chain and an important part of the environment.