Positive Aspects of Living alone

“Life could be wonderful if people would leave you alone.” – Charlie Chaplin

 This is exactly my viewpoint about living alone.  As I have grown older, it has become apparent to me that the company I most enjoy is my own.  When other people invade my space, it disturbs the atmosphere of my privacy and is somewhat irritating.  Many people have fears concerning living alone.  But I have found that living alone is a privilege to be cherished.

Having my own space to contemplate the issues of life, explore my curiosity, and expand my spirituality is such a comfort for me.  Not only to have the luxury of inner personal freedom, but having the freedom to express myself in all areas of life, such as dancing to the music on the commercial, or singing off tune.  The fact that there is no one around to hinder spontaneous behavior gives me great pleasure.  If I decide to sleep until noon, get up and eat, and then go back to bed for a morning nap; no one is around to complain, judge, or try to get me to stay up.  It doesn’t mean I’m depressed, I’m just exercising my right to do what I want, when I want to do it.  Should I choose to stay up all night and play on the computer, I don’t hear any stupid questions such as, “When are you coming to bed?”  Although my dog does give me funny looks, he then goes back to bed without saying a word.  Having people around just cramps my style.   

With ‘Me’ as my only companion presents the greatest opportunity in having a relationship with myself.  Over the years I’ve had to develop this relationship, and I found it practically impossible to do with other people vying for my attention.  Relationships require time and commitment, and frankly I value the relationship I’ve built with myself more than any other relationship in my life.  Living alone helps me to continue to enjoy my relationship without interruption.

People will ask me if l ever get lonely having no one to share my home with.  My answer is quick and to the point, “No”.  When I go home, I do not feel like I’m walking into an empty house; my dog greets me at the door, my fish is looking at me to be fed, and solitude from the hustle and bustle of the world is heavenly.  If I haven’t done the dishes for a day or two, and my bed hasn’t been made in a week, I relish in the idea of not having to deal with another’s perception of my housekeeping.  And the fact of the matter is my home is never empty; God lives there with me.  What better company could I have?

It is obvious I have not always lived alone, for how can one dislike what one has never experienced?  And I have to admit, there were good times when I lived with other people.  But honestly, they kept getting in the way of what I found to be important and valuable, my privacy.  Charlie Chaplin had a good point in his statement; life is wonderful as long as people leave me alone.