How many times were you at home or at work when suddenly you heard the sound of the siren of some kind of an emergency vehicle? It could have been a police car, ambulance, or a fire truck. Then again, that sound or sounds could be coming from many vehicles.

You suddenly realize that some person or some people could be in big trouble. You think to yourself, Dear God I hope who ever it is lives to see another day. Then you realize just how frail each of truly are. Our bodies are no match for the violent forces of Nature, nor are we fire proof or fully protected from a bullet or some such fast moving object from entering our body and causing a severe injury or our death.

Like it or not, that is life in the big city, where anything can or might happen at any particular time of the day. The sound of a siren does strike fear into my heart. Try as I have that is one sound that I simply cannot ignore.

Day after day the sounds of sirens within a big city will eventually cause some people to leave such a place and never return. Ones safety is a primary concern to a normal person.

The sounds of street traffic can also be annoying. That is particular true when one lives on a busy street, where a steady flow of vehicles continues both day and night. Some person honks their horn or a person suddenly jams on the brakes and you hear a mighty screech of their tires. So too, you might hear a loud crash and you then become aware of the fact that there was some kind of an accident. You wonder if you can offer assistance and look out of your window to see the result of that loud noise.

The sound of gunfire is particularly disturbing to me. Some is shooting at another person, or that person might be pointing his or her weapon skyward or maybe even directly at your house. To duck or seek cover is my first reaction, knowing full well that this day is not the 4th of July, nor is it New Years Eve or some such occasion that would cause a person to discharge a firearm, or set off fireworks.

Whatever upsetting sound it might be, that sure is what most people consider to noise pollution. Loud noises can make people deaf or otherwise impair their hearing. Some sounds can most certainly dive a person crazy or cause a whole lot of mental stress. Thenagain, I have little respect for a person who turns up their radio or some such music playback device as high as it will go and causes the windows of my home to vibrate. When one cannot hear ones own thoughts it is certainly time to find another place to live.